Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Free Medications Available

In addition to being an author, I write press releases and help folks get media exposure. I guess that would be the natural thing to do since I spent more than 25 years as a journalist.

So I wrote this press release on behalf of a woman who says she can show you how to get FREE MEDICATIONS. So here it is:

Why Pay for your medication when you can get them for FREE? That’s right! Find out how you can get all of your medications for free in a new workbook, written exclusively to assist patients in need.

The workbook is the brainchild of patient advocate Rebecca Templet. She says, “Most people, who are on a limited income and don’t have prescription coverage, don’t know where to get assistance. My workbook shows them the process of getting their medications free from the drug manufacturers.”

Ms. Templet’s efforts have assisted several hundred people over the past three years, as well as helping to save them thousands of dollars in prescription bills. “I believe in the concept of paying it forward,” says Ms. Templet, who adds, “if I’m able to get the information,then I believe it’s my obligation to share it.”

For more information on how you can receive the book, How to get your Medication Free, contact Ms. Templet at 931-721-3683 or go to her website: Ms. Templet is also available for interviews.

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