Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Boomer Valentine's Day Contest Finalists Announced

The Top 11 Finalists have been named in the first Annual Baby Boomer Valentine's Day Essay Writing Contest presented by Fabulously40.com and Talk2Bev.com. It was supposed to be only 10 but there was a TIE so the decision was made to go with 11. And here they are, along with a portion of what they wrote:

Linda Alexander
“While it's important for the man to make the day special for their lady, it's equally as crucial for the lady to do so for him. If ladies make Valentine's Day special for our guys, they will respond in kind.”

Faye Mims-Barbee
“Well after 22 yrs I would like to think of a romantic evening as if my family paid for me to go to the spa and get a rub down from head to toe and work on that back and my feet. Then I would come home and see a empty house and a take out meal waiting for me and some wine.”

Jennifer Evans
“I feel that most men should keep it SIMPLE. In this day and time some men think that buying all sorts of BIG gifts is what most women want and that truth of the matter is this, we just want to be appreciated, respected and loved (in our way).”

Dana Hall
“Cook for her. Almost anything edible will do, remember it is the thought that counts.
Cooking and eating, can be very romantic. Feed each other.”

Eva Hall
“This is what we want: Our slippers waiting for us, our bubble bath waiting, lit candles everywhere, you in bed, with Chinese food, wine and roses. You beckon us out of the tub, toward the bed, leaving the new lingerie right on the dresser in the wrapped box, beside the box of chocolates.”

Nita Lopez
My dream night with my hubby would start with HIM preparing a Treasure Hunt for me. He would need to find 3 or 4 of my friends to help him pull this off though. This would require him to have all bases covered...overnight childcare too!!!

Jaisun McMillian
“The first year I was married to my husband he really got me good on Valentine's Day. I had been ripping and running all over town trying to find something for the "man who has everything, because he asks so little", my husband.”

Carine Nadel
“So for a truly successful Valentine's Day don't think breaking the bank at Tiffany's or on a bottle of Dom Perignon is the only way. Think outside the little blue box and try some time-one on one.”

Angelika Schwarz
“Hubby makes a special effort to be patient and understanding with my mom, just because he knows how important it is to me. I see in the shadows of the night, his silhouette bending over our grandchild's crib, as he sings in deep whispered tones an old German lullaby.”

Diane Tegarden
“Remember the ABC's of romance; Arrange to leave the kids with a sitter.
Buy her a delectable dinner.
Create an evening of passion, with copious amounts of Chocolate and Cuddling.”

Debra Shiveley-Welch
“The most important thing you can do to make your sweetheart feel loved, is to give her…you. At times, we all feel like we are not heard or appreciated. Show her that you care about her opinions, thoughts, and feelings.”

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES---The grand prize winner and other winners in order of their scores will be announced on Wednesday, February 14 on my website. Stay tuned.

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