Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can I get some "Personality" with that, Please?

I just finished reading an article: Baby Boomer Generation wants Good Service and it became the inspiration for today’s blog.

First of all, I’m a stickler about good, quality customer service. As a baby boomer who grew up during a time when customer service was so important to the success of a business, I refuse to accept anything less. My attitude is if you work in that industry then it is YOUR JOB to see that I get the kind of service I deserve. No, this doesn’t mean following me around a department store to see if I’m going to steal anything; but it does mean making sure that I can find what I’m looking for and do it with some enthusiasm.

The other day I was in the check-out line of Food Lion and the young cashier obviously had an attitude for some reason. No greeting---no smile….she didn’t even acknowledge that I was standing there---other than when it was time to tell me my total. Upon leaving the store, I told her if she felt the same the next day, she needed to call out sick. She gave me the evil eye---as if to say, “Who do you think you’re talking to?” It was apparent that she was never taught how to deal with the public.

But you know what? The negative attitude isn’t limited to young people. Members of my fellow baby boomer generation and post boomers could also learn a thing or two about quality customer service. I was in the hospital waiting room area just yesterday when a so-called “older” patient advocate ignored me as I stood at the reception desk waiting for some assistance. He was piddling around doing nothing while another (younger) advocate was trying to multi-task by answering the phones and waiting on the people at the desk. Suddenly, he decided to ask me if he could help me. My response was, “Now, I know you saw me standing here all this time. So if you’re just now asking me if you can help me, FORGET IT! I’ll just wait for this woman to get off the phone.” Then I took his name and reported him to his supervisor. But I also gave a wonderful compliment about the woman who bent over backwards to assist me and others in the waiting room area.

Any business that wants to win this baby boomer’s business has to not only create new and different ways to help me realize its value; but these companies must be more prudent in hiring people who want to make them look good.

I’d love to hear about your customer service experiences. (Maybe it’s just because of where I live).

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Carine said...

Trying to catch up after this week. Daughter had to go home as, somehow, her brother and I came down w/ a horrible cold-not something someone in her condition needs!
Anyway, at my day job, one of the many hats I wear is customer service. and I talk all day long to other CS all day
I have to say, when one "goes the extra mile" for one of our mutual clients-I ask them who I can drop an e-mail to, to inform their boss of how wonderful they are. This usually gets me even better service and a friend to count on the next time I call.
As for the rest, I try to remember they are over-worked, under-paid and do not have the same work ethic I was taught and raised with.
Unless it's really horrible, I try to just get what I have to done and move on.