Friday, December 21, 2007

Drew Peterson Gives Baby Boomer Men a BAD Name

For those of you who don't keep up with the news, Drew Peterson is a former cop who is now the number one suspect (and ONLY suspect) in the murder of his 23-year-old wife. He claims she ran off with another man. Given this man's personality and unattractiveness, I could buy that argument. However..........

In an interview with NBC's Dateline, the 53-year-old boomer was asked if his child bride had ever asked for a divorce. His response was, "She asked for a divorce every time she was PMSing!" Well since I happen to recall those days I would say that means she must've asked him at least two weeks out of every month. So why didn't he just comply with her wishes?

Boomer Drew also claims to have done everything for his wife. He paid for her "boob job" and "tummy tuck." He claims he gave her the world. That may be true but if Stacy was as sick of him as he claims she was, why doesn't she just come forward and say "Yes, I ran off with another man because my husband just got on my nerves!" She would've gone thru two more months of PMSing since she turned up missing on October 28 so now would be a prime time to show up and stop the madness.

I guess every generation has its number of sickos and baby boomers are no exception. Drew is undoubtedly having a midlife crisis, which includes memory loss and hormonal imbalance. He is blaming his hardship on PMS. If his wife were going through menopause, this story would probably have a totally different ending.


Carine said...

Makes me love my wonderful baby-boomer husband even more, known he's a complete 180 from this guy.
I do wonder what she saw in him that made her want to have a 2nd date, let alone marry him.

BeverlyM said...


I think many young girls function from another zone. Therefore, what they see as a "prize" tends to be a total DUD in the eyes of a mature woman.

"Material things" make some women weak and if a man is splurging you with gifts all the time, it can be pretty hard to resist.