Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Should Women be allowed in the Pulpit?

What should've been a non-story has suddenly turned into an international controversy surrounding the cover of a Gospel Magazine cover. Gospel Today decided to feature five female pastors on its cover for their latest issue.

A chain of book stores, owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, decided to pull the magazines and place them under the counter---out of public view. Why did they do it? The REAL answer remains unclear, although a spokesperson for the LifeWay Christian Book Stores says it goes against their doctrine because they don't believe in having women in the pulpit. But they do support Sarah Palin in her bid to become second in command of the whole country.

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Eileen Williams said...


Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I, for one, am appalled at such a blatantly sexist attitude--one that is diametrically opposed to the Christian principles these people espouse.

Actually, by our internal wiring (I've read up on brain and hormone research), women are naturally more compassionate and empathetic. We reach out to others and seek to nurture and support those around us. I'd say these are important attributes for someone in the pulpit.

By the way, I couldn't believe it, the word verification I needed to submit to comment on your blog came out "paygap!" Another cause that makes my blood boil! Oh well, I'll save my comments on that one for another time.

Pam Archer said...

I am disappointed in Lifeway Bookstore, but proud of Sarah Palin. She is a devout Christian woman, who isn't afraid to speak out on her faith.

PopArtDiva said...

All I can say is I would not patronize such a store, ever.

Betty Lynch said...

If you asked my father, he would say NO. This is a great article, thank you for sharing.

Veola Carter said...


I'm so glad to learn, that you are pursuing the issue of women in the pulpit. I have always believed, that many of the men who are 'supposedly' called to preach the word...were not called by 'our' God. The same difference applies to the fact, that 'man' has revised many books of the bible, to express his beliefs (not God's word). I "thank you" and I'm quite certain, that many other women have or will thank you for your efforts!

Veola Carter
Author & Entrepreneur