Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Bailout for the Auto Industry

It seems everyone wants a piece of this $700 billion bailout plan. Lawmakers representing states with large numbers of auto workers urged the Bush administration Monday to use part of a bailout plan to prevent U.S. automakers from collapsing under a weak economy.

I've got a better solution. MAKE BETTER VEHICLES!

The big three automakers have unloaded big flashy, gas guzzlers---called Sports Utility Vehicles---onto the American public with no regard for energy conservation. Unfortunately, many of us bought into the hype that bigger was really better.

One of every four automobiles sold in the United States is a sports utility vehicle. Every SUV purchase produces $15,000 in revenue for the vehicle''s maker. With high consumer demand and lucrative sales potential, the makers of SUVs have been accused of allowing safety to take the back seat when it comes to the design and production of their products.

Sports utility vehicle accident statistics show that SUVs are three times more likely to rollover in a single vehicle accident than any other car on the road. Of all vehicle accidents, rollover crashes are among the most fatal. Sports utility vehicle accident statistics comprise only three percent of the total number of accidents, yet three times that number of SUVs is involved in fatal rollover accidents. Sixty three percent of all SUV deaths and 46 percent of all SUV injuries are the result of rollover every year. (Source: Online Lawyer Resource)

Although we don't own an SUV, the 2007 Chrysler Sebring my husband and I bought last year has been in recall at least three times. The first recall came less than three months after we purchased it. We are still dealing with a brake light malfunction that mechanics keep telling us is nothing to worry about. All I have to say about that is, there will be PLENTY for Chrysler to worry about should something happen while my grandson is riding in the car. So on second thought...they may, indeed, need some bailout money!

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