Monday, January 26, 2009

Are You a Baby Boomer Pursuing Your Passion?

Somebody has FINALLY gotten the memo that the media needs to stand up and take notice of the baby boomers.

Last week, I received an email from Lexi Shoemaker inviting me to participate in a new online series that will feature inspiring stories about people who have made the leap from dreaming about a change to making their passion a reality.

Initially, I dismissed the email because, frankly, I wasn't sure it was on the up and up. But today my inner voice told me to look into it to see if it was legit and you know, the journalist in me went to work. Sure enough, it appears Lexi Shoemaker has some casting credentials. She is apparently working on behalf of MSN and Reveille – producers of “The Office,” “Ugly Betty,” and “The Biggest Loser” –to help them cast this new online series.

They're looking for boomers who have ditched their inactive, corporate nine to five job to follow their real passions in life. Does this sound like you?

1) Are you pursuing the active lifestyle that you finally realized you are so passionate about?

2) Did you decide to shake the dust off your life and are now starting your “second act” by actively embracing the sort of new experiences you would never have considered, even when you were younger?

3) Have you made your dreams of getting the most out of your life a reality? If you are a healthy and active “Baby Boomer” (45-65) individual/couple who has recently made a conscious decision to take positive steps towards reinventing your life, then Lexi is looking for you!

Please send a short summary of your experience along with a recent photo to:

I took the plunge--let me know if you decide to.

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Heidi Caswell said...

Go Bev! We will see your name in print many more times.