Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Interesting Baby Boomer Facts

MetLife has been keeping a pulse on us baby boomers and have come up with another set of interesting facts. The first report was back in November 2008 called: Boomers: The Next 20 Years, Ecologies of Risk. In this report, I learned that I may nor recognize myself or my surroundings by the year 2028 as a result of an evolving global environment and marketplace. This is provided I'll still be alive at age 70. You can read that report here: Boomers in 20 years

Now there's a new report out that gives insight into the oldest and youngest boomers.

The youngest boomers: those born in the 1960s don't like being called "baby boomers." They prefer to be referred to as Generation X. The youngest boomers say 71 is considered OLD while older boomers say the old age begins at 78.

The oldest boomers--those born from 1946 to early 1950s--have 2.1 children, 2.6 grandchildren and many are also empty nesters.

The average income of boomers is $71,300 with a net worth of $236,000.

Sixty-seven percent don't have a living parent while one-third still has at least one parent living.

1 in 7 baby boomers are providing care to a parent or other family member.

The make-up of those involed in the study:

84% white
9% Black
7% Asian

Interesting that no Latinos were included.


rosie said...

You bring up an interesting point, the fact that no Hispanic/Latinos were included in the study,in my opinion, skews it a bit. Note that the stats on the Hispanic/Latino population 20 years from now makes a profound impression.
Thanks Bev

Suan Adcox said...

My oldest daughter and I are both boomers. She was born in 1965. I was born in 1947. Although we are very close and I love her dearly, the idea that we are lumped into the same category is a little strange. I grew up in the Father-Knows-Best 1950s, and she grew up during the wild and crazy 60s and 70s. Our childhoods could hardly have been more different, and they definitely affected the adults we became.

Baby Boomer Resource Guide said...

I think it's the younger Baby Boomer's are who will have to reinvent a way to make it through to the finish line. The X generation are pretty savy when it comes to this new technology and should be able to harness it into earnigs of some sort... Great Blog!!