Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah Does it Her Way

When the queen of Daytime TV announced this week that she would end her show on September 9, 2011 after 25 years on the air, it came as no surprise to me. I actually knew this information several months ago---thanks to an interview I did with a woman who spent a year on the Oprah Show back in 2006. Lisa Bradley told me back in May that Oprah was ending her show in 2011 and she said it again when she spoke as the Luncheon Keynote Speaker for the kick-off of our Boomer Diva Nation Conference just last month.

For a quarter of a century, Oprah has introduced us to some of the most interesting guests. She has also given us an up close and personal look into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. The Talk Show Diva has also proven that she can turn an average person into a household name (Iyanla Van Zant, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil) and turn writers into best selling authors---even when they didn't deserve it (remember James Frey?)

Meanwhile, her critics are saying she's lost much of her appeal--due largely in part to the fact that she endorsed Barack Obama for President. Some in the African-American community have accused her of selling out to please White America. Well, you can say what you want about Oprah but the truth of the matter is, her name is associated with power and influence and this baby boomer EARNED every bit of it without a government bailout.


Mitch said...

The critics know better than that. The truth is that there are so many choices that every show has lost some audience here and there. And yet, her show is still the top rated show and has the most viewers.

I know she was going to pull the plug also; after all, she's creating her own network, so why continue helping others make money off your name when you can help your own name, right?

Good for her; course, I still hope she interviews me one day. :-)

Karlyn said...

Oprah is an amazing woman. I've always had a high regard for her and the work she's done. I think her daytime show will be missed by most, but she's had a long and excellent run and leaves behind a legacy that current and future talk-show hosts can only try to live up to. I have no doubt Oprah will stay busy behind the scenes and in support of the projects she loves, but I hope to hear about her once in a while and wish her well.

Heidi Caswell said...

25 years is a long time to do a show. I think taking a break will be good for her, a way progress and do new things. I bet whoever takes that TV time after Oprah won't hold it for 25 years.