Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Boomer Men Not Sold on Going Green

Baby boomer women have a clear edge over baby boomer men when it comes to understanding what it means to "go green."

According to Crowd Science's Just Ask! opinion survey men over the age of 55 are nearly twice as likely to believe that shopping "green" makes no difference. They are also much less likely to check that their purchases come from "ethical" companies than women (30% vs. 42%) and twice as likely to believe that the green movement is just a marketing ploy (16% vs. 8%).

The survey also concluded that education plays a key role in understanding green behavior, as 21% of those with a post-graduate education will pay substantially more for green products as opposed to 12% of those with a basic undergraduate background or less.

So is this where I'm supposed to say women are just smarter than men?

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