Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seniors and Plastic Surgery

At one time about 5 years ago, I thought about having breast implants. My husband, however, convinced me I looked fine just the way I was. That's all I needed to hear to keep me from going under the knife. But what about those women 50 years old and older who don't have anyone to convince them breast implants aren't necessary? What about those women who truly believe breast enhancements will make them look younger and as appealing as they did 30 years ago? Certainly we all want to look as good on the outside as we may feel on the inside but what are we willing to risk in order to do it?

According to one cosmetic surgeon, as long as the patient is healthy there are no additional risks to the surgery nor a longer recovery time. As a matter of fact, nearly 85,000 people aged 65 and older are getting plastic surgery these days. Joan Rivers, at 78 years old, is one of them.

Here's my question, what is so bad about growing older? One would think it would be wiser to save your money to live well in retirement---not for the purpose of becoming well-endowed.

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