Friday, February 03, 2012

Leave Politics out of Womens Health Issues

The fallout over the recent decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation not to fund Planned Parenthood spread far and wide like wildfire in very short period of time.

The outrage expressed by women has now forced executives to do an about face. Here is a letter from our Komen NC Triangle Affiliate:

We know it has been a very difficult week for our supporters. The news has been full of stories about the National grant policy.

TODAY, we are pleased to announce that Susan G. Komen National headquarters revised its GRANTS POLICY.

We heard the concerns from many of you and hundreds of community members and shared the messages with National. As an Affiliate, we were just as distressed as you were over the lack of clarity and facts originally given by National headquarters concerning the grant policy. We are continuing to work hard every day alongside our volunteers and community health grantees to educate, save lives, and support breast cancer survivors.

The policy change means that all eligible agencies may apply for health grants. Our grants process must be free of political influence.

The NC Triangle Affiliate LEADS with its MISSION to improve lives and end breast cancer through empowering women and ensure quality of care for all.

In 2011, through support from the Race for the Cure, individual and corporate philanthropy, and other fundraising events, the NC Triangle Affiliate was able to invest $1 million in community health grants to fund 18 organizations throughout our 20 county service area.
Local community support helped to provide:
• 5,168 Mammograms
• 902 Diagnostic services
• 479 Clinical breast exams
• 95 Patient navigation services
• 85,782 Touched through outreach about breast health, symptoms, risk factors and regular screenings.

Thank you for your continuing support! We would not be able to accomplish everything we do without the support of our volunteers and donors. It is with you by our side that we move forward and continue toward our mission of a world without breast cancer.

Please help us spread the word and bring back those who left us over this issue.

Best regards,
Kathy Burns, Interim Executive Director

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