Friday, May 08, 2015

Your Address on Your Resume Can Lead to Discrimination

As a Job Counselor working with adults 55-years-old and above, one of the first things I tell them after reviewing their resume is to REMOVE THEIR ADDRESS.

Putting your address on your resume is a good way to be discriminated against when it comes to being considered for a job you've applied for. Why? Because an employer may have a preconceived notion about where you live and how that might impact their Company.

Say it ain't so Joe!

Oh, but it is. They call it Economic Profiling: Let's say you live in or very close to an area that is known for having a high crime rate and you're applying for a bank job. That potential employer may fear that you will bring a certain "element" to their business because of that street address. You could be applying for ANY job for that matter and an employer may exclude simply because of your geography.

When you include your street address on your resume, employers can use online search engines (like to determine the value of your property, the median income in your neighborhood or how much you paid for your home. If you live in a lower income area, companies can assume that you will accept a lower salary offer. The same holds true if you live in an a very upscale community. They might overlook you thinking they can’t afford your salary requirements.

Another reason you shouldn't put your address on your resume: The employer may think it's too far for you to commute, especially if you have to rely on others to get you to and from work.

The bottom line is that you control your contact information. All an potential employer needs is your phone number, city, and state, and email address.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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