Friday, July 24, 2015

Why Do Republicans Have to Be Asked to Embrace Diversity

As a veteran journalist, I try real hard not to get caught up into the political arena but, the truth of the matter is, no matter how objective we tell you we are about the subject, we all still have OPINIONS.  And  those opinions come shining through in some form or fashion.  No one---and let me repeat that---no one is purely objective when it comes to anything.

With that being said, I recently read an interesting article in the Tampa Bay Times, where GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush is quoted as asking his fellow republicans to embrace diversity if they expect to win the Presidency.

Here's my question:  why does anyone from either party have to make such a plea?  If you are running for President of the United States of America, you should automatically be thinking "diversity" and "inclusiveness."  The President doesn't represent some of the people---although Donald Trump might have you believe that.

The major problem with the republican party is they have been so focused of appeasing their constituents (and donors) only.  They have blinders on and refuse to see the entire country--the good, bad, ugly, sexism, classism and racism that exists, along with homophobia.  But republicans weren't always like that.  In my history class I learned that southern Democrats (or Dixicrats) were the true racist political party so perhaps BOTH parties need a lesson or two on diversity.  Or perhaps, we need to revamp the entire two-party political system which, in this journalist's opinion, is a joke.

I do think Jeb makes a great point when he says, "Republicans will never win the presidency if they don't campaign in every nook and cranny of the country."  That means going into the inner cities, addressing the police shootings, showing empathy for poverty and having a PLAN to deal with those issues.

But I can't help but question the irony here:  When Jeb was making his remarks, he was speaking to a predominately older white audience in North New Hampshire.

Where's the diversity Jeb?

To read the entire article about Jeb Bush asking the GOP to embrace diversity click here:  GOP Diversity?

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