Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Drugs, Sex and Rock-n-Roll

I love talking to fellow baby boomers. I am always fascinated at the various roads we traveled on to get where we are today. I had the pleasure of talking with a man named Alton Cooley earlier this week.

We actually met online. Now before you start trippin' let me tell you that I'm a happily married woman and based on my conversation with Alton, he's a very happily married man to a good woman. We are both a part of a networking group ( that includes artists from various areas like music, theatre, authors, singer, etc. I was interested in connecting with him because in his profile he said he was from Ohio and so am I. As a matter of fact, our cities are relatively close to each other.

Alton is a baby boomer who’s been doing what he loves for the past 30 years. He says he started doing it in his garage. He’s been shot at while doing it and he’s even done it in the nude! Yes, you read this the nude…and it isn’t sex. The best part of it all, he says, is he gets to do it with his friends. You’ll have to listen to this podcast to see exactly what it is that he loves doing.

You can access it by going to: or

Also, don’t forget about the Women’s History Month Contest for the chance to win some cash prizes. Go to:


Carine said...

Bev, you've piqued my interest to find out what Alton is doing! I will keep trying to listen to the podcast-it seems that after 3 tries, my internet just doesn't want to go there now! why are computers so darn frustrating?
I also love the column about mortgage payments. my hubby and I were just saying at breakfast this morning that we are so lucky to have the low one we do! We can't even afford an apartment in CA!!!

Carine said...

thank you for the link Bev, it was a great interview.