Saturday, July 07, 2007

"I'm Still Hot" Tour Part II

Upon leaving the Fox studio in High Point, I ran into a few showers but they didn’t last long.

With my daughter and grandson in tow, I headed down Highway 85 south. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day for a drive! I popped in The Secret CDs and filled my mind with positive thoughts and inspiration. About two hours later, we’re pulling into the Concord Mills Mall, just outside of Charlotte. This is one absolutely incredible place! I’ve been there three times and still don’t think I’ve been able to visit every store. There are over 200!!!

Now those who really know me will tell you I never meet a stranger. I’ll talk to anybody---anywhere---and that’s just what I did at the Mall. I passed out my business cards and let folks know I was going to be on the Fox Morning Show the next day. I believe you should never let a moment go by without networking. As a result of that networking, I met a woman named Linda Dvorak who is a member of eWomenNetwork We exchanged business cards and she invited me to an event she’s having on June 28 at the Speedway Club in South Concord, NC. I was truly impressed with this woman and I believe meeting her was NO coincidence.

After doing a little shopping, I figured it was time to check into the hotel and then head over to the book store where I was supposed to be doing a signing after my TV interview.

Well, this is where I met my first two challenges. The first room I was given only had one queen size bed. That wasn't going to work. The second room had no hot water. How they didn't know that is beyond me. But finally, they got it straightened out and all was well in room 2312.

Next....the people at the book store (Park Road Books) didn’t seem to have it all together for my signing. They had no promotion up for me---although there was promotion for every OTHER AUTHOR scheduled to sign during the week. I decided it would be in everyone's best interest for me to cancel. What they missed out on was a wonderful opportunity to get some FREE PUBLICITY on TV because you know I was going to mention the book signing and location. But it was THEIR LOSS. Now, this is one of those instances where I could’ve made some “assumptions” but I figured if this window was being closed---God was preparing to open up another one---and that He did!

Coming up next time: My new “last minute” book signing and the interview on Fox 18 in Charlotte.

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Carine said...

Murphy's Law always seems to spring up in the oddest times. But then again, that's what it means, doesn't it.
Thank goodness you have such a wonderful attitude and make whatever the situation work for you!