Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary Does Not Speak for all Baby Boomers

You know I keep saying I am not going to get caught up in the "politics" behind the politics of this election. Unfortunately, the media makes it very difficult not to.

What disturbs me about this election is how much the media is doing to sway public opinion. Even after Obama won the Iowa Caucus, Hillary was still the center of attention with their "Why didn't she win?" news stories.

Now they're talking about how she showed her vulnerability and choked up when talking about her likeability factor. Was that a news story? NO, but the media chose to make it one. Now they're going as far as to call her the "Comeback Kid." Tell me, how can that be when she was the front runner from the very beginning? The only thing she came back from was a humiliating loss in Iowa.

If there is a so-called come-back kid, it would have to be John McCain who had a very poor showing in Iowa but came back like gangbusters in NH. Why isn't the media making more out of his story?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Hillary would win NH. The Live Free or Die State has always been the frontrunner when it comes to electing women. Remember former two-term Governor Ella Grasso?

Personally, I think the media has its own agenda to make the Democratic Race as divisive as possible and let another Republican sneak in again. He won't have to steal it this time.

The media and politics make strange bedfellows.

One more thing: One of the female commentators on CNN who labeled herself a baby boomer was quick to point out that baby boomer women in NH were rising to the occasion to support one of their own. Lady, please be advised that Hillary does NOT speak for ALL baby boomers. Just ask Oprah.


Kacey said...

Hi Bev, The thing that really bothers me in this election season is Oprah throwing her weight behind Obama. I wish people with so much power would stop throwing their weight around. Nobody should have that much power to sway an election. Then again, I guess we would have to forbid Bill from running around the election trail. I do hope that Baby Boomers have enough sense to keep Hillary off the ballot.

Carine said...

you know I used to be so political, but now, I'm still not particularly happy w/ any of the candidates

Anonymous said...

Bev my dear, are you not tired of stupid fat balding white men running our country into the ground? Not only do I want to see the glass ceiling shattered I want to see it removed. I'm not a complete feminist, I'm more of an Earth Mother type. If women would band together we could move mountains.