Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Stupid Can Some Baby Boomers Be?'s the story. A 46-year-old man in Maine, identified as Michael David, was busted in a Maine hotel room last week for selling drugs. But that's not the clincher. According to police, he sold four 10-milligram methadone pills for $15 each and then went to a nearby convenience store and purchased some lottery tickets. He won $1000! Of course, someone tipped the cops off that Baby Boomer David was selling drugs out of his hotel room and that's where he was arrested.

The winning lottery ticket was confiscated by police, who are calling David's winnings "proceeds from a drug transaction."

Maybe Baby Boomer David should've purchased the ticket FIRST and then he wouldn't have had to sell any drugs. But then again, maybe that's why he was selling drugs in the first place---so he could hit the big jackpot and retire from his life of crime.

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collegefootballcapsules said...

what i find most humorous are the masses of babydoomers who blithely put their retirement nest egg into real estate and stocks that became worthless paper once the depression hit. you would think the initial crash in 1999 would have shocked some sense/annuities into them, but amazingly that did not occur. this loser generation was destined to live in a van down by the river!