Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Political Boomerworld Comes to North Carolina

The baby boomer democratic presidential candidates are vying for North Carolina. The tarheel state has become important to the overall delgate count and Barack and Hillary are duking it out to see who gets the prize.

Barack, his wife, Michelle, Hillary and Bill have been to North Carolina several times courting votes.

My daughter registered for the first time yesterday. She was really excited to do so and has made no secret about her choice---Barack Obama. And neither has my grandson for that matter.

According to the State Board of Eelections, more than one hundred thousand new voters have registered. Most of them are African-American and Democrats.

Friday, April 11 is the last day potential voters can register for the May 6th primary.

I wonder will N.C. Senator John Edwards get any votes---oh, he's out of the race isn't he? I wonder who he plans to endorse.

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