Friday, July 04, 2008

70-year-old Gives Birth to Twins I've heard of everything!

70-year-old Omkari Panwar, the wife of a retired farmer, has given birth to twins in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, delivering a boy and girl by emergency caesarean section on June 27th, seven hours drive north of the Indian capital New Delhi.

Omkari, a resident of Doghat village in this district, has two adult daughters and five grandchildren and underwent in vitro fertilization treatment to produce a male family heir. If Omkari can prove her age, she’d become the oldest woman ever to give birth.

Mrs Panwar, who has no birth certificate, uses the date of India’s independence in 1947 to gauge her age. She remembers being nine when the British left India - meaning she is now 70.

Her husband, Charan Singh Panwar, 77, mortgaged his land, sold his buffalos, spent his life savings and took out a credit card loan to finance the treatment.

The boy and girl each weighed 2 pounds when they were delivered a month early by Cesarean section. Doctors at Jaswant Roy Specialty Hospital said the twins are expected to survive.

I have a few questions:

1) What doctor would agree to vitro fertilization on this poor old woman? How greedy can this doctor really be? Was he American?

2) Isn't it impossible to give birth once you're post menopausal?

3) Who will take care of these children in a couple of years? Can they take care of them NOW?

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Laura said...

Invitro fertilization can be successful with a post-menopausal woman. She is given hormonal supplements prior to the procedure, and through the first months of pregnancy, until the placenta begins producing the necessary hormones.

There have been other cases, and the medical ethics boards have been all over it.

The procedure was developed primarily for women who had undergone surgery for removal of their ovaries and denied the ability to give birth because of it.

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