Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is Expensive Always the Best?

Would you spend $1000 for a pizza?

Nino’s Bellissima in New York is offering the world's most extravagant pizza -- a $1,000 pizza topped with six sorts of caviar and fresh lobster. It’s known as the Luxury Pizza, a 12 inch (30 cms), thin crust topped with caviar, lobster, creme fraiche and chives. Cut into eight, it works out to be $125 a slice.

The restaurant owner says he knows this type of pizza isn’t for everybody---no kidding! But he says there are people in New York who can afford it and once tried, they'll be back for more.

The only catch to getting this $1000 pizza is the restaurant needs 24 hours notice for the gourmet dish as it orders the caviar in advance.

And after you’ve dropped a cool $1000 on the pizza, if you have some change left over you can always head over to the midtown restaurant Serendipity that sells a $1,000 ice-cream sundae called Golden Opulence which is covered in 23K edible gold leaf.

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