Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Picked by a Blogger

It appears that a young blogger by the name of Adam Brickley is taking credit for the fact that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was selected as the VP choice for John McCain. He apparently started a blogging campaign: Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President blog last year and has relentlessly promoted the idea ever since.

The 21-year-old University of Colorado senior has reportedly never been to Alaska or met Palin. But while researching potential vice presidents, he stumbled on Palin and thought she would be a good No. 2.

OK, here is my question. Has the world wide web gotten so powerful that we can now pick political candidates based on the word of an over zealous college student? Are we really that gullible to take the word of a wide-eyed college STUDENT---not graduate---but STUDENT--that a woman he doesn't even know can help lead out country?

But there's an even bigger question here. Why did John McCain go for it?

It's one thing to pick a woman for the VP spot to represent women everywhere---but it's another to pick her as the result of a web campaign from a young man who was on a mission. Where's the credibility here?

On the other hand, who am I to criticize what happens on the internet? After all, that's how I found my husband.

Read the entire article: Sarah Palin picked by a blogger

While, I don't know if this is really the whole story, I've read enough to believe a good portion of it.


PopArtDiva said...

Bev - first: I didn't know you got your husband on the internet!! Did you use Pay Pal???? LOL.

Second, this is what this young man claims - I doubt that Senator McCain's camp was influenced by one blog, but if that blog became a serious grass roots movement it would certainly gain their notice. Politicians have become savvy and aware of how powerful a tool the web is now.

I believe the internet is powerful. It is the news medium of the future BUT we all have to be aware that not all that is in black and white, digital or otherwise, can be taken at face value.

I do not want government intervention of the internet. I want people to question what they read, see and hear on the internet. Just because "it is written" does not necessarily mean "so it is done".

I loved your post because you questioned the story, questioned motivations and questioned the source. You brought your intelligence to the issue and gave thought to what you read. As any good newswoman would. Now, let's hope that others will learn from you and use their minds!

Beverly said...

Did I use Paypal (LOL!!!) Girl, you are too funny!

On a more serious note, as a journalist, I don't want to get caught up into the "opinions" that are dominating this campaign. I do want to raise questions---to make people think about what is happening around them. Thanks for seeing what I was really saying.