Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who's in Your Business?

I was inspired to write this post today after seeing an advertisement on the side of a truck in the grocery store parking lot.

The banner was promoting a lawn care service. It gave the name and phone number and a slogan: We're doing God's business. That wouldn't have been so bad but it was the fact that he wasn't acting very godly at the time. As a matter of fact, he was yelling at a young child, who looked to be about 13. I presumed it was one of his children. He told the boy person to get his d--- a-- in the truck or get left!

First, was it necessary for him to promote God in his business? I'm assuming, in his frustration, he lost his religion for a moment and forgot the fact that he was riding in his company vehicle.

Next thing I'm curious about is: Is he only seeking businesses from Christians? Is he telling us that if we aren't Christians, we shouldn't call him for service?

What if he did a job that wasn't up to your satisfaction? Should the customer just accept the shoddy work because he says he's working for God? Is the customer obligated to pay because he says he's working for God? What happens if we should ever see him in an "ungodly" light?

As someone who believes in God and the power of prayer, I do believe faith and prayer can get you through some tough business situations where other people give up and quit. God has placed opportunity and responsibility in my life and I'm doing my best to follow what the Bible teaches financially and ethically about my business.

I do believe in mixing my faith with my business but I also believe actions speak louder than words. What do you say?


kulturefirst said...

i think anything that someone uses in their business advertising to show their personal pursuits is risky it could help you but it could backfire too. As you said its a tightrope and i applaud you for recognizing and trying your best. I am masonic brother yet i dont usually overtly use the masonic symbols or signs. I think its just a personal choice......

Buckeye VA said...
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Buckeye VA said...

As a Christian business owner myself, I don't believe a person has to "put in print" their you said "actions speak louder than words". May my words and actions be glorifying to the Lord, even if my logo does not refer to my specific beliefs. I do however, have the plan of salvation link on my homepage and I always welcome any to ask me questions.
As a born again Christian I still sin and make mistakes...I'm far from perfect.

Tara Burner said...

Totally agree to the fact that actions speak louder than words. If one is a Christian, that will shine through in the way they are, the things they do. They don't need to 'advertise' or put banners up to proclaim that. Not to mention, like you said could limit the clientele or make them uncomfortable to say anything about a shoddy job done.
I prefer to let people see Him in me rather than broadcast it in biz.

Yasmin said...

I'm with you actions speak louder than words. Don't tell me you're a Christian SHOW me.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is just SAD. Sad that he was yelling at a child. Sad that he may or may not be part of a larger business. Sad that he set himself up to be judged as a parent or guardian of that child, and as a representative of a business.

I don't care as much about the business. I care about the way he is treating a child. Beverly probably would have noticed him either way, but the business prompted her to write this post.

How would you have felt if instead of the truck, he had a Pastor sticker on his car? Or a police car off duty??


Kathie Thomas said...

I have a fish on the back of my business cards but only Christians seem to pick up on it. Those who follow my blog writings soon work out I'm a Christian but I'm not showy about it on my business website or any of my other business endeavours. Actions do speak louder than words as you've rightly seen.

Betty Lynch said...

I agree, actions speak louder than any word you can speak. Show me Christian behavior. I also agree that with Kathie Thomas. A Christian symbol on business cards or even letterhead is great. That is showing Christian behavior and not shouting with words.

I pray for the child who received the blunt of this man's frustration.

Pam Archer said...

These logos tend to do more harm to Christianity than good, because as humans we are all going to fall short of how we should act. The harmful thing is that when other people see us, they call into question Christianity as a whole, as opposed to the one doing the sinning.

This reminds me of many years ago, my mother was waiting in line at a drive-thru bank. The lady in front of her had a "Honk if you love Jesus" sticker on her car. Mother honked, because she loved Jesus. The woman stuck her head out of the car and yelled at my mother "I'll be through in a minute!"