Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Burning Bras Has a New Twist

I'm one of those women who doesn't have to worry about how she might look going bra-less so that's exactly what I'm doing for the time being. I have decided to stop wearing my Victoria Secret bras because I've noticed a little bruising around the area where I snap the bra in place, as well as some darkened marks on the outer portion of my breast area.

I stopped recently after I read an article online about a federal lawsuit being filed by women in Louisiana, Florida, NJ and NY. They are accusing Victoria Secret and its parent company, Limited Brands, Inc., of "negligently designing undergarments and misrepresenting the safety of their products."

A 66-year-old woman claims her bras gave her a horrible rash and hives.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs suspect formaldehyde resin in the bras are responsible for the alleged ailments. Formaldehyde? Isn't that what they use on dead people? Attorneys believe formaldehyde resin embedded in the fabric is released when bras are put in the dryer.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Victoria Secret says they don't add formaldehyde to their bras and independent tests show the bras are fomaldehyde free or have only small traces of the chemical that wouldn't cause any problems.

Then there's the issue with the underwire, which I believe can also cause some problems. So I guess for now, this baby boomer will be happy to wear a sports bra or go bra-less and if there is merit to what these women are alleging, maybe we'll have a real bra burning party somewhere.


Iris said...

For the same price as Victoria's Secret bra, you can get an excellent bra made by Wacoal. They even have "petite" bras. Salespeople in the stores that carry them (Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc.) are trained to properly fit customers. That's something I haven't heard of since I went shopping as a child with my mother. I, too, can go braless, but if you are just being facetious to make your point about Victoria's Secret, do yourself a favor and check out Wacoal. They appear to have a good reputation as a reputable lingerie manufacturer. If you discover otherwise, let me know.

Betty Lynch said...

Never been a fan of the wire, even in my younger years. Sometimes it is hard to find bras without the wire.

Pam Archer said...

You are still firm and defying gravity because you exercise and lift weights. Going braless does feel better, short-term, but even the small breasted women will experience the break down of breast tissue, due to gravity, over time. I don't like Victoria Secret for many reasons, but I also refuse to work my way toward looking like a tennis ball at the end of a tube sock!

Pat Montgomery said...

Hate a bra and only wear one when I have to. Mostly I wear sports bras and that is a lot more comfortable!

rosie said...

Now, this sounds like the beginning of an excellent series on breast health for women. Also, a close look at what makes a good fitting bra and what makes a sexy looking bra. Does Victoria Secret control the entire market?
I also know there are special bras for women who have had surgery. But I do not know the venders.