Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Minority---AGAIN!

If you've been following my blog, you know I talked about bras yesterday. Apparently there are women in several states who are suing Victoria Secret claiming their bras cause rashes and permanent bruises.

Today I'm talking about bras again. No, I'm not having a bra fettish but, as a journalist, I like to stay informed and it just so happens that bras are in the news again today.

One of America's largest bra makers, Wacoal, is predicting that 36DD will be the size more women purchase than any other in 2009. WHAT?!

It appears obesity in women is a contributing factor. According to a study of adult women by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity has increased to more than 35 percent. Another contributing factor to the increase in breast size is breast implants. Everybody still wants to look like Pamela Anderson.

Age and hormones are also playing havoc with baby boomers' bust sizes. But wait a minute. I'm a baby boomer---but the only fatty tissue I've seen an increase in is in the lower--not upper half of my body.

I guess that means I'm in the minority again. But I do remember someone once telling me "more than a handful is wasted."


Cathy said...

hey Bev, I'm in that minority with ya! Darn it!

Beverly said...


Maybe it's not such a bad minority to be in. I'm sure I'm in the MAJORITY with the rest of my body! LOL!!!

Debbie said...

All my life, I was within the minority...that was UNTIL menopause hit!

Funny because all women in mum's family were pretty 'well endowed, except for me.I have since gone up almost 2 bra sizes, and have a great deal of extra problems to boot!

I am not up-to-date with Victoria's Secret, but noticing most bras with any wiring to cause discomfort. Some women perspire more during menopause, causing itching and rashes.Think the sports-bra might be just what I need, good one Bev!:)

Eileen Williams said...

I read your last two posts on bras and bra sizes. Interesting food for thought in both cases--I had no idea that bras could cause rashes.
As far as the growing numbers in bra sizes, I have to confess I guess I'm in the majority. Never having had much to speak of, I began to develop at 50!! WOW! Just when gravity takes over and they're ready to drop and flop!

Pat Montgomery said...

I will be glad to donate to your cause--a breast tissue transplant.