Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesus on Twitter?

When I saw this headline the other day: What Would Jesus Tweet?---it immediately caught my attention. I went on to read the article---which was one preacher's take on using social media to spread the Word of God.

Since Twitter has become all the rave, more and more people are coming up with interesting ways to tie the social media site to their own agenda. But I do think connecting Jesus to Twitter is over the top. Asking what would Jesus tweet means every time we write 140 characters, we should ask ourselves if this is a message Jesus would put out there. Would Jesus be an IN YOUR FACE kind of person or would those spiritual tweets be redundant messages full of love and inspiration? What would Jesus tweet to us baby boomers? WWJT

I am connected to several pastors on Twitter and Facebook because I want to be. I do appreciate the inspirational messages they put forth. I also like to see that they're real human beings and not some self-absorbed, I can do no wrong man or woman of God on their self-made pedestal.

So what do you think? Does using social networking tools put the gospel message at risk? Can anything of real and lasting value come from technology that limits information to a mere 140 characters?

To read the entire article What Would Jesus Tweet click on the blog title.


Mitch said...

Another interesting topic, Miss Bev.

For me, if all I see is someone posting a lot of biblical quotes, I don't follow them. And it's not because I'm a non-believer, which I am. It's because the purpose of social media has been lost, that being the exchanging of ideas and information, not, if I may, being preached to.

And by preached to, I'm not only talking about evangelists. It's the reason you and I hate people who only come onto Twitter to market and not engage anyone. It just seems to self serving, and doesn't show that people actually care about anyone else.

If people don't care about me, I don't care about their products or what they have to say, regardless of whether I might have gotten something good out of it. I figure I can find good elsewhere, and almost always can.

Susan Adcox said...

I am linked to one minister who tweets Bible verses, and I find them refreshing and enlightening in the midst of many other Tweets that tell me what the Tweeters are eating, or whether they are tired or bored. Those are the Tweets I can live without!