Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Burn Baby Boomers Burn with Jane Fonda

It doesn't matter that she's 72-years-old or that her photo has either been photoshopped or she's spent tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. Whatever the case might be, former actress Jane Fonda has managed to put back on her leotards and get moving again.

Fonda is preparing to release two new DVDs specifically for the tired and shiftless baby boomers. She's gonna help us put back the pep in our step.

She did the same thing nearly 30 years ago when she released her first workout tapes and got women excited about working their bodies.

If she still moves as good as she looks in this photo, the DVD will be worth our hard earned baby boomer dollars.


rosie said...

Oh, this is the second workout video I am looking forward to. Also, Pam's. Anything to put pep in my step and a slide in my glide.

Regina said...

Go Jane! She looks fabulous - it doesn't matter how much her photo was touched up either because at 72, it would be a blessing to look 20% of the way she looks!

WOW! thanks for sharing :)