Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mel Gibson Blames Behavior on Menopause

Mood Swings and depression are just two of the symptoms associated with menopause. Now actor Mel Gibson thinks he may have been suffering from it when he said and did those horrible things to the mother of his child.

In a handwritten letter obtained by TMZ, Gibson is quoted as saying:

"I haven't really got a grip at the moment....I don't know why I'm so whacky and depressed but I need to get well and re-enter life...Maybe it's some kind of male menopause..."

Wouldn't it be nice if every woman, entering this stage of life, could just blame her bad behavior on menopause? We could curse and scream and be as mean as hell in one moment--and in the next breath say, "Oh excuse me--I was having a menopausal moment."

We could call someone every rotten, dirty name under the sun--including the "N" word that Mel used--and then ask for forgiveness because we're whacked out and depressed at the world.

Menopause: It's not just for women anymore.

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Sharon McMillan said...

I think Mel needs to do something that most observing Catholics take the time to do and that is go on a retreat to pray and meditate. I'm not sure that will really help him as I don't consider him a true observing Catholic, but at least it might keep him quiet for a few months.

We've heard enough from him and he needs to consider what he's done with the opportunity he's been given in life.