Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What a Week for News!

What a week for news and it’s only Wednesday! After weeks and weeks and weeks of Anna Nicole Smith news, the announcement of the baby daddy news took a back seat to the drama that unfolded over the “nappy headed ho’s” comment that Shock Jock Don Imus made in reference to the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Players. I wonder if their coach had been white if he would’ve made those same remarks. Tennessee Women’s Basketball coach traditionally has a majority of black females on her teams and this year was no exception. Why weren’t they singled out as “nappy headed ho’s” as well? What else is surprising for me is why I haven’t heard from any other Women’s Basketball coaches on the subject. Have they all been told to keep their distance on the subject? Why not rally around one of your own?

And then today came the announcement that ALL charges would be DROPPED against the three Duke University Lacrosse players who were accused last year of allegedly raping and kidnapping a stripper they hired for the party. I was working in television news when that story broke. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I didn’t quite believe it the way it had been presented. Why did the victim drive to a Kroger parking lot without notifying police immediately? Why did the victim lie about being enrolled as a college student at North Carolina central University? Why was the young lady who was with her so eager to get an agent?

Now I do believe those Duke players made some derogatory statements about her and about black people in general---but the extent of the assault didn’t register on my Richter scale.

I had the opportunity to speak to one of the attorneys involved in the case and I invite you to listen to his interview. He’s my Baby Boomer on the Move for this week! Check out my podcast on thetop right side.

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Carine said...

Oh what news I missed while cavorting on my fantasy island last week! didn't turn on a tv, listen to the radio or read anything heavier than my brought along mystery.
Thanks for the update!