Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two-Time Super Bowl Champion will Judge Mother's Day Contest

Two-time Super Bowl champion (from the San Francisco 49ers) and Hollywood actor Dwight Hicks will be one of the judges for the "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This" contest.

Hicks, who is best known for being a part of one of the best defensive backfields of all-time, is now making his mark in Hollywood with an acting career. But he still managed to find time by helping this fellow baby boomer by judging the Mother's Day contest.

Will YOUR ESSAY be the one he likes the best? You won't know if you don't enter. The other judges are:

In 800 words or LESS, write an essay about one warning in particular your mother gave you when you were younger but you failed to heed her advice and found out later that she was RIGHT all along. For example, she may have told you not to date a certain person but you did anyway and after a while you realized it was a mistake and you could hear your mother saying "I told you so!" Tell your story. It can be humorous or very serious. How you tell it will be more important than what the actual warning was. Entry deadline is May 9.

For a list of prizes, visit my website:

Other judes are:
Best Selling Author Linda Alexander
Gospel Recording Artist Jennifer Evans


Carine said...

sounds like this will have some very good stories!

BeverlyM said...


I'm really loking forward to this. I've been reading some of the entries and they are funny and interesting.