Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cruisin' with a Baby Boomer Grandma Diva

It was such a beautiful day here in North Carolina on Friday so this baby boomer diva decided to go cruisin’. First I had to wash the car because you can't style and profile in a 2006 Sebring LXI if it's dirty. It just isn't cool. The sports car belongs to my baby boomer hunk of a husband. Since we're in a commuter marriage, he decided to leave HIS CAR with me and take my little reliable, good on gas mileage, Ford Focus back with him to Maryland for the week.

I was going to take it to the car wash but I figured I needed to burn off some calories since I didn't go to the gym or the trail all this week. I sat my grandson in his stroller while I washed the car. He was actually enjoying watching me spray the car with the hose. I was thinking one day he'll be doing this and I'll be sitting in his stroller :)

When I finished it was spotless! The tires needed a good touch up but I figured I'd leave that to the professionals at another time. I then buckled up my grandson in his car seat in the back, dropped the top, put on my shades and put the pedal to the metal. All the while I kept thinking of that opening clip on "Full House" where the guys are driving in a convertible with little Michelle in the back seat.

I wonder how my seven-month-old grandson felt to be crusin' around town with his baby boomer diva grandma? I just know it felt good to be cruisin’ with the top down and being in the company of my second favorite (little) man!

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Carine said...

I can see you now Bev! I'll bet the little guy enjoyed every second of the ride-almost as much as grandma did! Time sure flies, my own little dividend is 3 months old and now over 12 pounds! No wonder my sciatica's kicking up!