Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Exercise is Important to Baby Boomers

Why Exercise Is Important

• It strengthens your heart
• Improves your circulation
• Keeps muscles in tone
• Helps prevent osteoporosis
• Helps with weight control
• Helps hold down your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
• Makes you look and feel better

As we age, exercise becomes even more important. Older adults who exercise regularly tend not only to be stronger and have better balance and coordination, but to be better able to manage the sorts of daily chores that allow people to remain independent. They are also more likely to be physically fit.

Fitness is having the health, strength, endurance and range of motion needed to do physical work without becoming exhausted. A fit person can perform better and with less effort in sports and other physical activities and therefore is more likely to enjoy them.

One of the suggestions I make in my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age, is to keep a journal of your eating and exercise habits. That way you’ll have a good idea of what is or is not working when it comes to weight maintenance.

Women’s Health is offering a great FREE calendar/journal, full of information about and for women. It talks about topics of interest to us such as health, nutrition, life etc. Most women don't find out about this book until Nov/Dec. and by then they are usually out. So you have an early heads up. Click on (or paste and copy) the link below and get this great calendar/journal.
Here’s to aging gracefully!


Tonya Mitchell Peele said...

Beverly, thanks for the heads up! I just rushed to the site to order my calendar. Good health is so important for women - now we'll have yet another daily reminder to keep it movin!

Carine said...

Hi Bev,
not around much lately, wanted to pop in and see what you were up too.
Exercise is supposed to help prevent injures-if done right as well.
I have to get up an hour early, just to get all those physical therapy ones in to keep me hobbling along.
Of course, if you do it wrong and pick up a 20 pound grandson, then, well, you just rip a muscle in your shoulder blade.
don't ask.