Monday, November 26, 2007

Boomers Raising their Kids in the Burbs

Before today, I had never heard of a place called Groesbeck, Ohio and I’m from Ohio---born and raised. According to, this little town just outside of Cincinnati is the absolute best place in America to raise a child. Also making the top ten is another town in the Buckeye state called Waterville; another place I’ve never heard of.

Groesbeck, according to, offers kids and their parents the right combination of safety, community and education. This quaint little town with a population of just over 7000 and a median income of $49,000 is one of 50 so-called best cities to raise children.

Rounding out the Top Ten are:

2) Western Springs, Ill—population 12,493; median income $98,8761
3) Deerfield, Ill---------- population 18, 430; median income $107,194
4) Echelon, N.J.----------population 10,440; median income 49,410
5) Arapahoe, Nebraska--population 1,028; median income 29,500
6) Waverly, NB---------- population 2,448; median income 42,454
7) Wilmette, Ill------------population 27,651; median income 106,773
8) Waterville, OH--------population 4,828; median income 60,000
9) Lackland, TX----------population 7,123; median income 32,250
10) Hopewell, TN--------population 1815; median income 43,973

What is interesting to me is the fact that these towns are all an arm’s throw away from a major city where crime runs rampid--yet they manage to stay private. I’d be curious to know how many of my fellow baby boomers grew up in these places. After all, weren’t the baby boomer generation kids the first to experience what it was like to escape urban sprawl and find comfort in the suburbs?

Well, at least some of us anyway.


Carine said...

and just think Bev,my pregnant daughter wanted me to just pack up and "retire" to the Phoenix area, so I could help more. And Phoenix or Laguna Hills isn't even on the list! I'm hoping, once this pregnancy and recoup is over, just some me time back, even if it will never be in the top 10 places will be okay.
I'll be close for 24 next week, I think-is Arapahoe NE anywhere near Omaha?

BeverlyM said...


Arapahoe is very close to Lincoln. What was another interesting thing about the top 50 places is that 11 of them were in Nebraska and 7 or 8 were in Ohio---in places I swear I'd never heard of!

No MAJOR city made the list.

Hope your daughter is continuing to fare well. How much longer now?