Monday, November 12, 2007

Sister, Can You Spare a Cordless Phone?

Today I had an unexpected death in my home. My cordless phone croaked. It was a painful death for me because it died just as I was scheduled to do a telephone interview with actress and fellow baby boomer Nancy Cartwright. I told Nancy I’d get back to her in an hour after I trouble-shooted the problem.

I tried to put the phone on life support with a new battery---but no such luck. I tried not to panic or miss this wonderful interview opportunity so I went across the street and asked my neighbor, Adair, if I could use her cordless phone. She said she didn’t have one. I couldn’t believe it! There was actually someone who doesn’t live in a cordless world! Then I thought, “My next door neighbor, Kathy, sometimes comes home for lunch so I’ll ask her.” Several minutes went by. No Kathy. I had to do something so I sent her an email:


I'm hoping you're at work to see this message. Are you coming home soon? I need a cordless phone and mine is DEAD.


I waited impatiently for a response. No response. Then I decided to go to the nearest store to buy a phone. Well as luck would have it, the nearest store didn’t have any more cordless phones left. What? Does that mean the whole world has gone cordless??? Yes, everyone except my neighbor across the street.

I finally found one and rushed home to charge it. The directions on the box said it needed to be charged for a minimum of 12 hours before use. But all was not lost because Kathy did come home for lunch. She saw my desperate message and responded:

“Well I was just sitting here trying to decide where to go read my book at lunch time so I guess I have my answer! I'll be home in 15-20 minutes.”

My neighbor, my fellow baby boomer, my friend Kathy saved the day! I’m so glad I know my neighbors. And I also know what I’m getting my other baby boomer neighbor across the street for Christmas.


Betty Lynch said...

I'm like you, no cordless phone?

Thanks for the laugh.

Fellow Baby Boomer Diva,

Betty Lynch

BeverlyM said...

Betty, I probably should've asked her if she knew what a cordless phone was?

Kathie Thomas, Baby Boomer Diva said...

What a hoot! Where were we before technology took over?

Carine said...

may I send my most heart-felt sympathy. However, after I am adding to the crick in my already spasming neck from the one that is permanently attached to me at the day job-could you send it's fatal disease over here????

BeverlyM said...


You crack me up ALL the time. That's why I'm glad to have a friend like you---and if you need a neck massage, I'll be sure to give you one the next time I'm in California :)

Heidi Caswell said...

And then there was the time we had an ice storm, power lost, a few still had their phone lines, but not working because we all had the cordless phones which required electricity. Then it was sister do you have any old corded phones stuffed away in your attic? Yep, we are spoiled.

BeverlyM said...


Believe it or not, I still have my parents old rotary dial from back in the day and it took me a LONG time to step up and go cordless :)

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Beverly, what a great testament to getting to know your neighbors. I hope your interview went well!

Dana said...

Too funny. But, stressful, too. I found myself rooting for you! Glad it all worked out!


BeverlyM said...


I grew up in a "community" where everyone knew each other and I still have that same mentality so it was important for me to know my neighbors.

Rositta said...

That's downright funny...even though we have 4 cordless phones in the house I always have a couple of corded models around. Yesterday we had a 7 hour power failure and cordless phones don't work. Thank goodness for cords...ciao