Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election Day from a Baby Boomer's Point of View

All Republicans are NOT racist! Despite the actions of a few---maybe quite a few—it’s unfair to lump the entire Republican Party together as bigots. Sadly, however, that seems to be the prevailing attitude in our community, especially with African-American baby boomers, and it keeps good Republicans from getting the respect, attention and votes they deserve…even when they’re Black.

On Tuesday, voters in my city were given a choice between two mayoral candidates—both Black men. (The incumbent is a Democrat). I worked at a couple of the precincts on behalf of the challenger whom I’ve known for several years and have appreciated his stance on the issues that concern me. White Republicans and even some white Democrats said they felt it was time for a change and wanted new leadership. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of blacks I talked to snubbed their noses at the idea of having a Republican mayor and were even more indignant over the fact that he was a “Black” Republican.

When are we going to make decisions about voting based on our research and not on the fact that mama, granddaddy and everyone else in the family is a democrat so I must be one? If my history lesson serves me correct, the Democratic party stemmed out of the “Dixicrats” who were southern racist politicians. Did they only teach that in the North? When are we going to stop taking the attitude that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” It might not be broke to the visible eye but there could be a cancer festering on the inside.

Not long after the polls closed, the incumbent was declared the winner again for an unprecedented 4th term. So the city is back to business as usual once again.

Maybe the Republicans really do need to clean up their act and make the party all-inclusive and the Democrats need to stop taking all of us for granted.

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