Friday, June 20, 2008

Come On Baby Boomer, Light My Fire

We are the baby boomers who grew up with drugs, sex and rock-n-roll. Woodstock gave many free thinkers the opportunity to express themselves with their bodies. So what’s wrong with those of us who still have a healthy appetite for sex?

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive(R) of 2,000 married baby boomer men and women between the ages of 40-70, physical intimacy was determined to be as important now as it’s ever been. As a matter of fact, 84 percent of baby boomers rank physical intimacy as being important or very important. The number of boomers in the survey who rank physical intimacy as important to a successful relationship is higher than having enough money (72 percent) or even good health (78 percent).

The survey also found that only half (50 percent) of boomers surveyed are satisfied with the physical intimacy in their relationship, and 41 percent of men and 43 percent of women desire more emotional intimacy in their relationships.

Those of us who enjoy intimacy understand that great sex is the result of an excellent relationship, not the cause of it. Both women and men know being a good lover is not a matter of having extra-large physical equipment, knowing the "correct" technique, or being able to last all night. It's a matter of knowing, understanding and caring for your partner. It’s the tenderness and caressing. It’s also a matter of communication. Letting your partner know what turns you on and guiding him/her to your pleasure spots goes a long way in keeping the flames of passion well lit.

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