Monday, May 10, 2010

The Image of Bill Cosby

Let me start off by saying, I am NOT an image consultant but I do feel qualified to say what I think looks good and what doesn't.

That brings me to the reason for this post and my thoughts on the attire comedian Bill Cosby chose to wear while speaking to the graduating class at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC this past weekend.

I did not attend the graduation but I did see a news clip and I was stunned at his appearance. He wore a long sleeve tee-shirt and sweat pants. I was so shocked by his dress that I had difficulty listening to his message. It looked as if he had just gotten off a plane and ran right over to the Stadium without time to change. I'm not sure what message he was trying to send but it wasn't a good one in my opinion.

Here is a man who is constantly speaking out about the negative images in the black community and how parents must take reponsibility for their children's behavior. I totally agree with him on that, however, Mr. Cosby must own up to what he says by portraying a positive role model for young people. Dressing down may meet them on their level but it sends a wrong message.

Someone suggested to me that maybe he dressed that way as a joke. If that was the case then the reporter failed to do her job in explaining that.

Would Mr. Cosby have gone to Duke, Temple or Princeton dressed like that? Maybe so, but the point is no matter who you are you should set a positive example to young people who look up to you---and not just with your money.

Maybe I am really out of touch but I can't imagine speaking to any group of young people in similar attire---unless we were on some type of outing event. What do you say?

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