Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My attitude about "dumb jocks" has changed

When I was in high school I was a cheerleader. At the time it was my life's ambition. You see, back in the day, girls my complexion weren't seen on the pep squads. Oh, they would have a "token" here and there but for the most part, if we wanted to be seen we either played in the band or ran track (which I also did). I had no musical talent to speak of. My singing in the shower doesn't even sound good.

Being a cheerleader was cool because I got to wear those cute little short skirts and cheer for the boys all the girls loved. It's interesting...I never dated a "jock" because I didn't feel they were up to my academic standards. I'm sure you've heard athletes being referred to as "dumb jocks." I really thought they were and one of them, who will remain nameless here (because some of you would recognize the name), instilled that thought in my head when he used to always cheat off of my paper in Math class. We actually laugh about it today but it wasn't funny back then because the teacher always felt I was the one trying to help him and I would get in trouble for "allowing" the cheating to occur.

WHATEVER! attitude towards athletes have changed over the years as I have met more and more people who have used their sports careers as stepping stones to other things. I recently met one such person and I'm delighted to share my interview with you.

He's a two-time super bowl champion from the San Francisco 49ers and he is definitely a baby boomer on the move!

One more thing...thanks for stopping by and reading my blogs.

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Carine said...

Times have so changed for the better! wish it could still be a lot more-but at least we've moved forward and not behind. Even jocks have been able to advance in most peoples eyes.
hope the trend continues.