Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Boomers Restaurant Closes Its Doors But Needs No Bailout

After more than seven years in business, the restaurant in Des Moines, IA made famous by President Barack Obama has officially closed its doors.

The restaurant, known as Baby Boomers, became a huge hit with the community and the nation after candidate Barrack Obama named their chocolate chip cookies his favorite during his first presidential campaign.

He even asked for them in Iowa City during a campaign stop last week.

The owner says if it wasn't for Barack Obama, he probably would've closed up shop a long time ago. He said the President and First Family boosted business at Baby Boomers more than he could have ever dreamed.

The owners said they will continue to make their signature cookies but now they can also live a little.

Okay Mr. President, do you and the First Lady like to read because I've got a couple of books for sale.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Boomers Being Bullied in the Workplace

According to a recent article by, more and more employees over the age of 50 are being bullied in the workplace. Taunts like “stupid old woman,” “too old to keep up,” and “You should just retire,” are being hurled at by bosses, co-workers and even customers.

Just how bad is it? A 2011 survey by CareerBuilder found that 29 percent of workers age 55 and older said they’d been bullied on the job, compared with 25 percent for the 35-44 group.

Think about your own behavior. When was the last time you complained about how slow someone "older" was when it came to helping you?

The AARP offers some tips of how you can fight back against workplace bullying:

Write it down. Keep track of what was said or done and who was present.

Do your homework. Research state and federal legal options.

Talk to an attorney. Look for internal company policies (for example, zero tolerance of harassment or violence) that may have been violated.

Compile numbers. Gather data about the economic impact that the bullying behavior has on the company.

Update your résumé. You may have to find a new job. It can’t hurt to start searching.

For more information on bullying in the workplace, check out the complete article by AARP: