Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daytime TV's Hottest African-American Baby Boomer Couple

Thank You All My Children for giving me a reason to come back and get my fix. I was a soap opera junkie for many years. My mother turned me on to the ABC line-up when I was a child so I grew up with Erica, Tad and Dr. Martin. I stayed hooked through high school and college.

I became obsessed when the ABC soap brought in a young actress who looked like me. Her name was Debbi Morgan and she played the daughter of a well-to-do couple in Pine Valley. This was the first time I could recall seeing a black woman who wasn’t playing a prostitute or “mammy.” I could so relate. And then the Soap decided to shake up the pot by bringing in actor Darnell Williams, who played “bad boy” Jesse Hubbard. Despite all the drama between the two of them and their families, they eventually became America’s African-American Super Couple. But then, Jesse died and Angie (who went on to become a doctor) left Pine Valley.

But some genius in that All My Children Writer’s Group had the brilliant idea to bring the couple back to the show. They're now Baby Boomers, just like me. I, for one, am so glad they decided to bring them back because I had stopped watching the Soap because I couldn’t identify with anything that was going on. Yes, Erica may still look as good as she did 40 years ago but she just wasn’t enough to hold my interest.

Now, once again, I am glued to my TV watching for every scene that depicts Angie and Jesse. But Jesse’s supposed to be dead. I watched the episode where he died in Angie’s arms. How they’ll explain this one is beyond me but I don't care.

In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Debbi said she thought the whole story line was going to be exciting as it unfolds:

D.M.: “He is supposed to be dead and when that turns out to be something else, there is so much drama. I don’t know exactly what has happened in Jesse’s past but whatever it is, I don’t think it’s gonna sit well with her. You really don’t know the details, Debbi?

D.M.: “I swear to you, I really don’t know. I do know that he’s not dead. He’s not a ghost. I have not been told why his death was faked. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to know so when we play the scene, it will be spontaneous.”

OK so instead of wasting my life away at the computer as I have been for the past couple of years, I can now sit in front of my TV with some bon-bons and butter pecan ice cream and enjoy watching the drama between America’s favorite African-American Baby Boomer Couple unfold.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Stupid Can Some Baby Boomers Be?'s the story. A 46-year-old man in Maine, identified as Michael David, was busted in a Maine hotel room last week for selling drugs. But that's not the clincher. According to police, he sold four 10-milligram methadone pills for $15 each and then went to a nearby convenience store and purchased some lottery tickets. He won $1000! Of course, someone tipped the cops off that Baby Boomer David was selling drugs out of his hotel room and that's where he was arrested.

The winning lottery ticket was confiscated by police, who are calling David's winnings "proceeds from a drug transaction."

Maybe Baby Boomer David should've purchased the ticket FIRST and then he wouldn't have had to sell any drugs. But then again, maybe that's why he was selling drugs in the first place---so he could hit the big jackpot and retire from his life of crime.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK Holiday: From a Baby Boomer's Perspective

Ever since 1986, the third Monday in January has been set aside to honor the birthday and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some of us celebrate his legacy by attending a prayer breakfast, luncheon or other festive event. We reflect on the famous “I have a Dream” speech. Some still remember and share their own personal accounts of the civil rights struggle. Then there are some of us who do nothing but enjoy a day off from work.

What category did you fall into on this particular third Monday in January?

It’s all well and good to celebrate the life of a great man but what happens the day AFTER the MLK Holiday? Did you wake up and hear the “let freedom ring” bells ringing in your community? Can you say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all men (and women) are treated equally on your job? If someone were to judge you by the content of your character, what would your sentence be? How many little black boys and little black girls have you seen walking hand-in-hand, side-by-side with little white girls and little white boys ANYWHERE? Did you go out in the world and make a difference by helping someone else or taking a stand against an injustice?

What are we really celebrating 40 years later?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary Does Not Speak for all Baby Boomers

You know I keep saying I am not going to get caught up in the "politics" behind the politics of this election. Unfortunately, the media makes it very difficult not to.

What disturbs me about this election is how much the media is doing to sway public opinion. Even after Obama won the Iowa Caucus, Hillary was still the center of attention with their "Why didn't she win?" news stories.

Now they're talking about how she showed her vulnerability and choked up when talking about her likeability factor. Was that a news story? NO, but the media chose to make it one. Now they're going as far as to call her the "Comeback Kid." Tell me, how can that be when she was the front runner from the very beginning? The only thing she came back from was a humiliating loss in Iowa.

If there is a so-called come-back kid, it would have to be John McCain who had a very poor showing in Iowa but came back like gangbusters in NH. Why isn't the media making more out of his story?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Hillary would win NH. The Live Free or Die State has always been the frontrunner when it comes to electing women. Remember former two-term Governor Ella Grasso?

Personally, I think the media has its own agenda to make the Democratic Race as divisive as possible and let another Republican sneak in again. He won't have to steal it this time.

The media and politics make strange bedfellows.

One more thing: One of the female commentators on CNN who labeled herself a baby boomer was quick to point out that baby boomer women in NH were rising to the occasion to support one of their own. Lady, please be advised that Hillary does NOT speak for ALL baby boomers. Just ask Oprah.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Baby Boomer Divas Declare Victory

I don't normally do more than one post in a day but in light of the previous post, I felt obligated to post this message I received from since it was on their site that the pornographic URL's showed up attached to my press release.

Hello Beverly,

Thanks for contacting.

We are awfully sorry about the pornographic url in your press release. There's something wrong with the system when matching with the ads. We will adjust and revise it now! Also, I'm sorry to tell you the charges on the press releasing can't be refunded. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you still find any problem, feel free to contact me.

AtoZ Support,
Online support: (From PST 4: 30p.m. to 1:30a.m.)

Within minutes after receiving this email, the URL's on my press release were changed. We lived up to our motto: "Baby Boomer women on the move and making a difference!"

Baby Boomer Women have been Disrespected!

One of the beautiful things about living in America is you have the right to free speech but what are innocent people supposed to do when that “free speech” crosses the line and paints an unfair picture?

On Saturday, January 5, 2008 I issued a press release regarding the women who make up the Platinum Club Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame. I went through When the press release went "live" it was connected to some DISGUSTING ADS from a site called Etology
I have personally never heard of this company but I do know that many websites and bloggers (myself included) use Google AdWords as a way of making a little extra change. It has always been my understanding that Google searches for "key words" and then places ads associated with the subject matter. They do that on my personal websites: and

In this case, chose pornographic ads as a link to my, otherwise, respectable press release. See for yourself:
What "key words" could have picked out of my release to connect it with those type of ads? I have sent several emails to but they have yet to respond.

We are appalled that would choose to include porno ads on a release site that is about classy, sophisticated, smart, savvy baby boomer women. Included in our group are authors, ordained ministers, entrepreneurs, career counselors, celebrities, etc.

We, as members of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame, are not going to tolerate being associated with these kinds of ads! It shows that someone isn't really paying attention to what they're doing.

By the way, please visit the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame: