Friday, April 18, 2014

No Pain No Gain

After leaving the gym one day this week I had the nerve to come home and complain about how sore I was. My loving, encouraging husband said, "That means you've pushed yourself to another level. No pain--no gain." That reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter a few years ago.

Once when she was in college, she called and asked me to pray for her because she felt like she was losing her focus. She said college life and the work involved had become overwhelming. As cruel as it may sound to you, the first thing I said to her was “Welcome to the next journey of your REAL world.”

No doubt my daughter had a lot on her plate. In addition to trying to complete the second year of college in 2009, she also had a 3-year-old son to think about and a part-time job that had her commuting about 45 minutes each way on the weekends. But what I wanted to make her understand was these are the issues that have been been created in her life. She could either deal with them or roll over and play dead.

I told my daughter that God gives us all a vision—but it doesn't come without trial and tribulation. It is up to us to clear our minds and FOCUS.

My advice to my daughter three years ago has now become the absolute BEST ADVICE for ME as I have discovered the "no pain no gain" mentality beyond the gym. Opting to return to the workforce for a steady paycheck was a very painful decision for me to make last year because I felt like it meant I had lost my focus and failed as an entrepreneur after seven years of trying.

Here are some tips for people who feel like their eyes are OFF the prize:

1. Check Your Emotions
If you are charged or upset about something then keep reminding yourself that these emotions will not allow you to get to the next level.

2. Let it Go
Do not dwell on the would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. You have to let the “stuff” go and move forward. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, find an anchor in a confidant or professional. No use crying over spilled milk–just wipe it up and get a new glass.

3. Take A Breather
If you feel you are losing focus -stop, switch off and come back refreshed.

4. Keep a Notepad handy
Maybe that distracting thinking that keeps coming into your head is a good idea and could be useful. Write it down so that you know it is there, re-focus and come back to it later

5. Reschedule
The mind will wander when you are tired so re-schedule. Its more productive to stay focused on the work you are doing. It takes a lot of practice but it’s worth it.

As a parent, I do appreciate the fact that my daughter came to me to ask for prayer. At least I know she knows where her help and strength comes from and so do I.

Sometimes there is triumph and victory in our pain.