Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Top 10 African American Baby Boomers of 2007

BAM Enterprises, a Company catering primarily to baby boomer women, has announced its Top 10 African-American Baby Boomers of 2007. African-American Baby Boomer author and expert Beverly Mahone is CEO of the Company. She says the list was created because African-Americans baby boomers tend to get overlooked when it comes to their achievements. Mahone says, “Our contributions are no less than anyone else so I felt it was necessary to come up with a Top 10. I’ve seen other lists floating around that make no mention of the contributions of African-American Boomers.” Ms. Mahone says she received input from other African-American entrepreneurs in generating the list.

Politics: Barack Obama
Educational Scholar: Henry Louis Gates
Business Leader: George Fraser
Mover & Shaker: Rev. Al Sharpton
Inspirational: Sheryl Lee Ralph
Philanthropist: Russell Simmons
Actor: Denzel Washington
Actress: Angela Bassett
Radio Host: Tom Joyner
Who Made a Difference Overall: Oprah.

In addition to being CEO of BAM Enterprises, Beverly Mahone is also the Founder and Creator of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame. The internet-based site recognizes women 40 and over whom Mahone says are “women on the move and making a difference.”

To view the complete list and read more on the Top 10 Boomers, go to: thebabyboomerdiva.com

Friday, December 21, 2007

Drew Peterson Gives Baby Boomer Men a BAD Name

For those of you who don't keep up with the news, Drew Peterson is a former cop who is now the number one suspect (and ONLY suspect) in the murder of his 23-year-old wife. He claims she ran off with another man. Given this man's personality and unattractiveness, I could buy that argument. However..........

In an interview with NBC's Dateline, the 53-year-old boomer was asked if his child bride had ever asked for a divorce. His response was, "She asked for a divorce every time she was PMSing!" Well since I happen to recall those days I would say that means she must've asked him at least two weeks out of every month. So why didn't he just comply with her wishes?

Boomer Drew also claims to have done everything for his wife. He paid for her "boob job" and "tummy tuck." He claims he gave her the world. That may be true but if Stacy was as sick of him as he claims she was, why doesn't she just come forward and say "Yes, I ran off with another man because my husband just got on my nerves!" She would've gone thru two more months of PMSing since she turned up missing on October 28 so now would be a prime time to show up and stop the madness.

I guess every generation has its number of sickos and baby boomers are no exception. Drew is undoubtedly having a midlife crisis, which includes memory loss and hormonal imbalance. He is blaming his hardship on PMS. If his wife were going through menopause, this story would probably have a totally different ending.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby Boomers and War

After spending 25 years in the politically incorrect arena of radio and television news, the last thing I want to do now is try to become a politically correct baby boomer.

I am opposed to the war but I wholeheartedly support our troops who are giving up their lives for President Bush's definition of "freedom."

A number of my fellow baby boomers have young sons and daughters who won't be home for Christmas this year because they are supporting an agenda. The least we can do is show our support for them by letting them know they haven't been forgotten. And what does it matter if you don't know anybody personally over in Iraq? Chances are you know someone who has someone connected to the war.

Xerox is giving all of us the opportunity to send a thank you card to our young men and women overseas. All you have to do is pick out the card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier who is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. Let's make sure there's no one without a thank you!

Remember Vietnam?

To send your card click here: Soldier

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is the time of year when we can expect to see holiday specials on just about every channel. Most of them I don’t bother to watch anymore-----but I can never get enough of A Charlie Brown Christmas. What baby boomer hasn’t sat and watched it at least a half dozen times?

I was eight-years-old when the Charles Schutlz classic made its debut on television. Year after year, I have watched it. I’ve danced during the piano rehearsal scene and cried when Charlie and the Peanuts gang gather around the tree at the end and sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” When my daughter was born, it became a tradition in my home to watch it together.

It came on again tonight. This time it was extra special because I got to watch it for the first time with my grandson. It's cool to be a baby boomer---to have grown up during a time when watching television was fun!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Happy Funeral

I went to a very nice funeral today. I didn’t know the deceased personally but his daughter and I are baby boomer diva girlfriends so I felt it was important to go and support her.

Unlike the majority of funerals I’ve been to, there wasn’t a lot of hollering and crying going on. No one was jumping up and down and trying to throw themselves into the casket. The choir sang two beautiful songs that made you feel like shouting----but no one did.

A couple of friends of the deceased talked about growing up with him and his love for golf. The preacher promised he would give a short eulogy and he did just that. The children thanked everyone for their support---and just like that, it was over.

One thing that had everyone cracking up laughing during the service was a comment the preacher made about the fact that no one was crying. He said a lot of people who cry at funerals aren’t crying because the person died; instead they’re crying because they’re reflecting on how badly they treated the person when they were alive.

So if you think you’ll be crying at this baby boomer’s funeral, my advice to you is: don’t bother to come.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Boomers Raising their Kids in the Burbs

Before today, I had never heard of a place called Groesbeck, Ohio and I’m from Ohio---born and raised. According to BusinessWeek.com, this little town just outside of Cincinnati is the absolute best place in America to raise a child. Also making the top ten is another town in the Buckeye state called Waterville; another place I’ve never heard of.

Groesbeck, according to BusinessWeek.com, offers kids and their parents the right combination of safety, community and education. This quaint little town with a population of just over 7000 and a median income of $49,000 is one of 50 so-called best cities to raise children.

Rounding out the Top Ten are:

2) Western Springs, Ill—population 12,493; median income $98,8761
3) Deerfield, Ill---------- population 18, 430; median income $107,194
4) Echelon, N.J.----------population 10,440; median income 49,410
5) Arapahoe, Nebraska--population 1,028; median income 29,500
6) Waverly, NB---------- population 2,448; median income 42,454
7) Wilmette, Ill------------population 27,651; median income 106,773
8) Waterville, OH--------population 4,828; median income 60,000
9) Lackland, TX----------population 7,123; median income 32,250
10) Hopewell, TN--------population 1815; median income 43,973

What is interesting to me is the fact that these towns are all an arm’s throw away from a major city where crime runs rampid--yet they manage to stay private. I’d be curious to know how many of my fellow baby boomers grew up in these places. After all, weren’t the baby boomer generation kids the first to experience what it was like to escape urban sprawl and find comfort in the suburbs?

Well, at least some of us anyway.

Friday, November 16, 2007

African-American Baby Boomers & The American Nightmare

A new report just released by the Economic Mobility Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that African-American baby-boomers are more likely to have slipped down the socioeconomic ladder than their white counterparts. According to the series of three studies, 45 percent of black children born to parents earning middle-class incomes in the 1960s, about $55,000, are in the bottom 20 percent of wage earners today. In comparison, only 16 percent of whites from the same socioeconomic background find themselves in the same position. The report also reflects the fact that whites were more likely than blacks to rise out of the poverty they were raised in.

Columbia University sociologist Ronald Mincy, who served as an adviser on the study, told the Washington Post that researchers do not have a definite explanation for the findings, but speculated that there were many contributing factors. Mincy cited gaps in education, racial isolation, and a disparity in wealth and assets between blacks and whites as potential causes.

So what else is new? I wrote about this very subject several months ago: Black Baby Boomers and the American Dream.

If my grandparents had just gotten that forty acres and a mule they were promised, articles like these wouldn’t need to be written. I’m still open to the offer but with inflation and all, make that 140 acres please.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Viva Viagra: WHATEVER!

Is it just me or are there other baby boomer women out here who are sick and tired of hearing about the magic of Viagra? I just saw a video on You Tube where a rather handsome group of baby boomer men are belting out a song to the tune of Viva Las Vegas. (That’s the song Elvis made famous back in 1964). Viva Viagra is apparently a new ad campaign from the drug manufacturer, Pfizer.

What is disturbing to me is the fact that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are a huge business. Pfizer reported Viagra sales of $450 million in its most recent quarter. What is even MORE disturbing is the fact that Viagra, Levitra and Cialis can cause irreparable harm to the body. Possible side effects include:

changes in vision such as loss of vision, blurred vision, eyes being more sensitive to light, or trouble telling the difference between blue and green objects or objects having a blue color tinge to them
•difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
•chest pain or palpitations
•prolonged erection (lasting longer than 4 hours)
•skin rash, itching
•nasal congestion

And if that’s not bad enough, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has added hearing loss as another risk.

OK, so does that mean that men are willing to risk going deaf, dumb and blind (womensvoicesforchange.org) for the sake of having sex?

Thank God my husband doesn’t need it and as long as I keep up my end of the bargain, he NEVER will!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sister, Can You Spare a Cordless Phone?

Today I had an unexpected death in my home. My cordless phone croaked. It was a painful death for me because it died just as I was scheduled to do a telephone interview with actress and fellow baby boomer Nancy Cartwright. I told Nancy I’d get back to her in an hour after I trouble-shooted the problem.

I tried to put the phone on life support with a new battery---but no such luck. I tried not to panic or miss this wonderful interview opportunity so I went across the street and asked my neighbor, Adair, if I could use her cordless phone. She said she didn’t have one. I couldn’t believe it! There was actually someone who doesn’t live in a cordless world! Then I thought, “My next door neighbor, Kathy, sometimes comes home for lunch so I’ll ask her.” Several minutes went by. No Kathy. I had to do something so I sent her an email:


I'm hoping you're at work to see this message. Are you coming home soon? I need a cordless phone and mine is DEAD.


I waited impatiently for a response. No response. Then I decided to go to the nearest store to buy a phone. Well as luck would have it, the nearest store didn’t have any more cordless phones left. What? Does that mean the whole world has gone cordless??? Yes, everyone except my neighbor across the street.

I finally found one and rushed home to charge it. The directions on the box said it needed to be charged for a minimum of 12 hours before use. But all was not lost because Kathy did come home for lunch. She saw my desperate message and responded:

“Well I was just sitting here trying to decide where to go read my book at lunch time so I guess I have my answer! I'll be home in 15-20 minutes.”

My neighbor, my fellow baby boomer, my friend Kathy saved the day! I’m so glad I know my neighbors. And I also know what I’m getting my other baby boomer neighbor across the street for Christmas.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hallmark Catering to Baby Boomers

A couple of weeks ago I was one of seven bloggers invited to a one day conference at the Hallmark Headquarters in Kansas City, MO. (Four of the seven were baby boomers).

Hallmark wanted to get feedback from us on their new line of encouragement cards called Journeys. The cards are supposed to reflect a change in our emotions. Sure, birthdays, anniversaries and get well cards have always been important, but in the 21st century we’re also dealing with issues like menopause, cancer support, divorce, aging parents, empty nests, weight loss, etc. Hallmark is trying to reflect that change.

I must admit that I was impressed by the Company’s initiative. They took the time to research each blogger and knew what we brought to the table. And they didn't turn the event into one great media campaign blitz to show how they "reach out and touch" with the company President & CEO. They were very unassuming. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know Don Hall, Jr. was the head man when he spoke because he was quite soft-spoken and didn't dress like he had just stepped out of GQ Magazine.

What also impressed me was the fact that they had obviously given careful thought and consideration to baby boomers. After all, we are the ones who have the largest purchasing power. Cater to us and you’re bound to be successful. Furthermore, Hallmark took the time to seek out bloggers who were writing about the very subjects they think are important.

BUT---Hallmark has definitely missed the point when it comes to marketing to the menopausal crowd. The one card they introduced read:

(outside) “What’s the worst thing about Menopause?”
(inside) “Men don’t get it!”

OK…that’s just plain stupid! I would be totally insulted if my girlfriends sent me that card. There was obviously no thought---and probably no woman who had an input on that card. They would be smart if they did away with it.

Then there’s Maxine. Ten years ago, she was the hottest thing going (no pun intended), but today Maxine is OUTDATED. She represents MY mother and she is definitely post menopausal. As a woman currently going through menopause, I represent a NEW FACE. I’m classy, a little bit sassy and a woman who is on the move and making a difference! I am not living my mother’s menopause and Maxine does not represent me.

Thank you again Hallmark for the invite and, as fellow blogger Stephanie (www.backinskinnyjeans) said, if other companies want to know how to impress the average consumer, they need to take a page out of the Hallmark "this is how we do it blogger style" manual.

If you want to see more about the trip, check out the video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/babyboomerbev

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Horses Dying for Menopause

If you're like me, you're definitely concerned about the ingredients in the foods you eat. But are you as equally concerned about the ingredients in the medications you take?

For example, if you take the drug Premarin, does it bother you to know that it is made from the urine of pregnant mares? Do you care that these defenseless creatures are subjected to animal cruelty to help you alleviate your menopausal symptoms?

According to an article written by Gregory McNamee, the process of collecting horse’s urine began in the 1940s when researchers at one drug firm discovered that estrogen taken from the urine of pregnant mares helped to relieve some of the effects of menopause in women. Overnight, an industry sprang up in the northern United States and Canada as hundreds of farms were placed under contract to deliver this urine.

It’s sad to think this process developed a drug that was peddled to our mothers by doctors who swore it was safe and natural---just as natural as feeding a woman a healthy dose of oats and alfalfa. Unfortunately, this process continues today. I invite you to read the entire article by Gregory.

I don't take synthetic drugs for menopause, however, I know many women who do.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election Day from a Baby Boomer's Point of View

All Republicans are NOT racist! Despite the actions of a few---maybe quite a few—it’s unfair to lump the entire Republican Party together as bigots. Sadly, however, that seems to be the prevailing attitude in our community, especially with African-American baby boomers, and it keeps good Republicans from getting the respect, attention and votes they deserve…even when they’re Black.

On Tuesday, voters in my city were given a choice between two mayoral candidates—both Black men. (The incumbent is a Democrat). I worked at a couple of the precincts on behalf of the challenger whom I’ve known for several years and have appreciated his stance on the issues that concern me. White Republicans and even some white Democrats said they felt it was time for a change and wanted new leadership. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of blacks I talked to snubbed their noses at the idea of having a Republican mayor and were even more indignant over the fact that he was a “Black” Republican.

When are we going to make decisions about voting based on our research and not on the fact that mama, granddaddy and everyone else in the family is a democrat so I must be one? If my history lesson serves me correct, the Democratic party stemmed out of the “Dixicrats” who were southern racist politicians. Did they only teach that in the North? When are we going to stop taking the attitude that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” It might not be broke to the visible eye but there could be a cancer festering on the inside.

Not long after the polls closed, the incumbent was declared the winner again for an unprecedented 4th term. So the city is back to business as usual once again.

Maybe the Republicans really do need to clean up their act and make the party all-inclusive and the Democrats need to stop taking all of us for granted.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Customer Service Skills Wasted on the Young

I have a teenage daughter who works at Burger King. Practically every day she tells me some story about a rude customer. I keep reminding her that no matter how bad the customer is, she must always keep a smile on her face and be courteous.

Am I the only parent doing this? I ask because I see way too many young people in customer service jobs who have no business being there. Case in point: I was preparing to fly out of Kansas City after the end of the Hallmark Bloggers Conference when I came up to the ExpressJet Airlines check-in line. Behind me was a very bubbly young blond who displayed a lot more than her personality, if you know what I mean.

A young man motioned for me to come up to the counter to check my bag. He didn’t ask me for my ID so I asked him if he wanted it. Very timidly, he said yes. I watched as he looked puzzled at the computer screen in front of him. I made a joke about making sure my name was on the roster because I was ready to leave Kansas City. He responded by telling me it was his first day on the job and continued to stare at the computer screen. It was obvious he needed help from a co-worker so I took it upon myself to ask the young man standing next to him if he could help him out. Now this young man, who I will only identify as Mark, didn’t seem to like the fact that I interrupted him since he was having such a good time with Ms. Personality Plus, who was just giggling up a storm at WHATEVER! they were talking about while he was checking her luggage. Mark told me his colleague would have to wait until he finished with his customer. To make a long story short, Mark never did help out his co-worker and I wrote up a customer service complaint.

How sad it is to see young people put into positions when they are poorly trained and to see the arrogance of those who think they’re way more important than they really are. But the overall shame is having young people in positions where they don’t know how to effectively deal with EVERYBODY.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flying the Not So Friendly Skies

For those of you who have been following the weather, you know that North Carolina has been in a serious drought. I don’t think we’ve received a decent amount of rain in over a year. That was until Wednesday, October 24---the same day I was scheduled to fly out of Raleigh-Durham International and into Kansas City for the Hallmark Bloggers Conference.

It had rained on and off all day. Now don’t get me wrong….having the rain was truly a blessing because I think we were down to about a month’s supply. BUT I was just hoping it could’ve held off just a little longer until after my trip was over. No such luck. It rained so hard that our flight was delayed by nearly an hour. That meant I wouldn’t get into Kansas City until around 9:30EST, which was 8:30 their time.

To make matters worse, I flew out on a little 50-seater plane on an airline known as ExpressJet. OK---maybe I don’t fly much but I have never, ever heard of ExpressJet. JetBlue—yes---ExpressJet---NO! My legs and back were so cramped during the two-and-a-half hour trip, I don’t even know how I was able to make it off the plane without falling over in complete agony.

On the company's website it says, "ExpressJet Airlines seeks to provide the most efficient and reliable regional jet service in all of its markets." I saw no mention of comfort so maybe that means they just haven't figured out yet that baby boomers like to travel in comfort.

OK---I know someone reading this is wondering why I’m complaining when this was an all-expenses paid trip compliments of Hallmark. I just want you to know that sometimes FREE isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I think if I have to fly on one of those little ExpressJet planes again, I’ll pass and just try to hitch hike my way. After all, walking is good exercise when you’re a middle-aged menopausal woman.

Oh and wait until you hear about the return trip home!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Boomers are NOT all Alike: Part II

You would think that marketing to baby boomers would be an easy task, but if you look at the media and its advertisers, you could easily see a different picture.

To be young, gifted, beautiful, blond and white has long been the image that sells. Remember Barbie, Ken and Chatty Cathy? I actually remember throwing my life-like black baby doll (who could walk) down the stairs of our basement because she didn't look like Barbie. In some advertising circles that philosophy still holds true. However, the “hype” that advertisers have long used on the younger “gullible” generation no longer works on us baby boomers. These days you have to SHOW US YOU KNOW US!

Slowly but surely companies are starting to take note of this economic power baby boomers are supposed to have. It’s just been in the past couple of years that someone discovered that women go through something called menopause. And to help all of those horny baby boomer men cope with their issues, there’s Viagra and Cialis to the rescue!

But what is disturbing is the lack of diversity in marketing to baby boomers. I went to the www.knowmenopause.com site recently. I saw Meret, Caitlin, Pam and Denise front and center, but none of them looked like me. Why is that? Menopause doesn’t discriminate. It’s an equal opportunity annoyer so why not portray that diversity?

Ironically, I did see an ad for Viagra with an African-American male recently and I thought, “Why would he need that?” Throughout history we’ve been told the black male is a beast in bed and his anatomy is larger than life.

The media, unfortunately, continues to lump baby boomers into one big group. Their theory is that we are all grew up in the suburbs, watched the Mickey Mouse Club and then went on to change the world through our opposition to the War and our fight for civil rights. In addition, we received top notch educations and went on to achieve tremendous success in Corporate America while maintaining the all-American family lifestyle. If you look at who's running the newsrooms, you can see how that conclusion is drawn.


You need to read my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age to get the “other” side.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Boomers are NOT all Alike: Part I

I was born in 1957 so that means I’m a baby boomer. But what does being a baby boomer really mean? By all accounts, we are the children of the Post World War II era, which began in 1946.

In May, 1951, Sylvia F. Porter, a columnist for the New York Post, used the term "Boom" to refer to the phenomenon of increased births in post war America. She said "Take the 3,548,000 babies born in 1950. Bundle them into a batch, bounce them all over the bountiful land that is America. What do you get? Boom. The biggest, boomiest boom ever known in history." That boom she referred to continued until 1964.

Much attention is being paid to baby boomers these days as the first wave of us moves towards retirement and social security. Yes, we were the first generation to grow up with television; many of us lived through the civil rights era and the Vietnam War. But the “real” image of a baby boomer is now in question. We are not all white kids who grew up in the suburbs watching the Mickey Mouse Club. We have been referred to as the most diverse generation but the fact of the matter is some of us actually grew up in a separate and unequal society. According to a study conducted by two Duke University sociologists, diversity has not led to equality: Baby boomers are the first generation to come of age after the Civil Rights era, however, the study revealed differences of income according to race, ethnicity and country of birth so entrenched that, in effect, there are ethnic classes. Blacks in the boomer generation, for example, are no better off relative to whites than their parents and grandparents. Many older southern baby boomers can still tell you stories about the Jim Crow laws and the impact it had on their lives. And educational levels also are unequal across the baby boom generation, which is often described as the best-educated generation in history.

We have also been called the wealthiest generation but despite what some would have you believe, we are not all living in the land of milk and honey. Some of us may have plenty of disposable income but, according to the Duke Study, quite a few of us are struggling financially. Late boomers have the highest levels of poverty since the generation born before World War I. One in 10 late boomers lives in poverty at middle age. "What surprised us the most was how racial inequality persists among the boomers compared to other generations," co-author Angela M. O’Rand said. "The figures are quite dramatic regarding the continuing relative disadvantage of African Americans."

There's a saying: The more things change---the more they remain the same. So it should come as no surprise that many African-Americans don’t identify themselves as baby boomers. It's time to take the blinders off.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can I get some "Personality" with that, Please?

I just finished reading an article: Baby Boomer Generation wants Good Service and it became the inspiration for today’s blog.

First of all, I’m a stickler about good, quality customer service. As a baby boomer who grew up during a time when customer service was so important to the success of a business, I refuse to accept anything less. My attitude is if you work in that industry then it is YOUR JOB to see that I get the kind of service I deserve. No, this doesn’t mean following me around a department store to see if I’m going to steal anything; but it does mean making sure that I can find what I’m looking for and do it with some enthusiasm.

The other day I was in the check-out line of Food Lion and the young cashier obviously had an attitude for some reason. No greeting---no smile….she didn’t even acknowledge that I was standing there---other than when it was time to tell me my total. Upon leaving the store, I told her if she felt the same the next day, she needed to call out sick. She gave me the evil eye---as if to say, “Who do you think you’re talking to?” It was apparent that she was never taught how to deal with the public.

But you know what? The negative attitude isn’t limited to young people. Members of my fellow baby boomer generation and post boomers could also learn a thing or two about quality customer service. I was in the hospital waiting room area just yesterday when a so-called “older” patient advocate ignored me as I stood at the reception desk waiting for some assistance. He was piddling around doing nothing while another (younger) advocate was trying to multi-task by answering the phones and waiting on the people at the desk. Suddenly, he decided to ask me if he could help me. My response was, “Now, I know you saw me standing here all this time. So if you’re just now asking me if you can help me, FORGET IT! I’ll just wait for this woman to get off the phone.” Then I took his name and reported him to his supervisor. But I also gave a wonderful compliment about the woman who bent over backwards to assist me and others in the waiting room area.

Any business that wants to win this baby boomer’s business has to not only create new and different ways to help me realize its value; but these companies must be more prudent in hiring people who want to make them look good.

I’d love to hear about your customer service experiences. (Maybe it’s just because of where I live).

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Take me out to the ball game

When I was a little girl, my dad would take me to see the Cleveland Indians play in Municipal Stadium. The Tribe wasn’t very good back then but my dad didn’t care because he was a loyal fan. I didn’t care either because I got to spend some quality father-daughter time with him. There was nothing better than being away from my “eat your vegetables” mother while being allowed to stuff myself with hot dogs, popcorn, candy and pop. (Yes, that’s what soda is called in the Midwest).

I remember watching Dennis Eckersley, Buddy Bell and Chris Chambliss who, once they left Cleveland, went on to do spectacular things with other teams. I remember the sense of pride I felt when Cleveland named Frank Robinson as their Manager---making him the first African-American manager in the major leagues.

Sadly, my dad never got to see his favorite team have a winning season since he died in the early 80s. But his favorite baby boomer daughter is carrying on the tradition of being a loyal fan. Even though I’ve lived in or near better baseball towns like Boston and Atlanta, my heart remains with Cleveland.

In 1997, I still celebrated even though the Tribe became the first team to lose the World Series after carrying the lead into the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game.

Today, I’m celebrating again as the American League Central Division Champions make their run towards the World Series again with a 2-0 lead on the NY Yankees.

It's so nice to see Kenny Lofton back with the team. He's been around the major league awhile now. Even though he's not quite old enough, I'm making him an "Honorary Baby Boomer."

Boy, how I wish my dad were alive to take me out to the ball game.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Where will you retire, baby boomer?

AARP, The Magazine recently announced its top five retirement communities. Since I’m a baby boomer who will eventually retire some day, I was eager to see the cities named. After reviewing the list, I wondered how they came up with those particular cities. Editor Steve Sloan says they looked at a variety of things including: "mass-transit systems so residents can drive less, expanded sidewalks to encourage walking, better health care, and a wide range of mixed use housing."

See for yourself:

Top Five Cities to Live in for 2007:

Atlanta, GA: A sophisticated metropolis with southern charm, Atlanta offers abundant volunteer and cultural opportunities. Retirees also appreciate the wide range of housing options.

My thoughts: Atlanta is, indeed, a metropolis---way too busy for me with traffic that would make you want to commit road rage or have a heart attack.

Beacon Hill in Boston, MA: This historically genteel part of Boston is full of culture and great restaurants. The Beacon Hill Village provides concierge style access to a network of support services for aging residents including transportation, healthcare and entertainment.

My thoughts: I’ve lived in Boston and know exactly where Beacon Hill is. It was EXPENSIVE to live there back then and I can’t imagine that its changed much. I certainly don’t want to use up all of my retirement money just trying to keep a roof over my head.

Chandler, AZ: Gracious desert living combined with an activist twist that encourages residents to get involved with the spirit of the town. A city climate and plenty of parks and open space provide ample recreation opportunities.

My thoughts: Never been there but the word “desert” doesn’t sit well for me with “hot flashes.”

Milwaukee, WI: An example of urban renewal at its best, Milwaukee features picturesque river walks and affordable water-front living.

My thoughts: Beer is brewed there, isn’t it?

Portland, OR: European charm meets environmental nirvana in this environmentally progressive city. 50-plus residents love the miles of safe bike lanes and the revitalized Pearl District.

My thoughts: I can’t see myself riding for miles on a bicycle; besides, I haven’t been on one in years.

OK…so here are my Top Five Places to Retire---in no particular order:

Asheville, NC
New Bern, NC
Merrimack, NH
St. Lucia (in the Caribbean)
Sedona, Arizona

What are YOUR Top 5?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Find Your Baby Boomer Soul Mate Behind Bars

When you’re a woman over 40 years of age, finding companionship with the opposite sex can be a challenge. Gone are the days of Looking for Mr. Good Bar, finding him in church or being fixed up with the friend of a friend. These days, we have people telling us we can find true love on the internet. I’m not knocking it because I did it and ended up getting re-married. But I have to tell you, I had to weed through some garbage to find him. You see, for every decent individual out there in cyberspace, there are at least a dozen weirdoes, freaks, and others who give the concept a black eye. There are men whose motives are simply to prey on the poor old widow, divorcee, or “I’m desperate” never-been-married woman.

Then you have many men in our age group are already married, gay or dead. So what’s a middle-aged woman to do when she wants to meet a guy? Well, why not try prison? I actually heard a woman on the radio recently talking about her upcoming nuptial plans with someone sentenced to 30 years behind bars. She fit the profile perfectly. She was over 40, had never been married, no children and no real social life. Before hanging up, she joked about knowing where her man was going to be at all times.

According to statistics from the Justice Department, the nation’s prison population is becoming more middle-aged. From 1995 through 2003, inmates between the ages of 40 and 54 accounted for more than 46 percent of the total growth in the U.S. prison population. The number of inmates in federal and state prisons age 55 and older increased more than 30 percent from 2000 to 2005. They say that’s a faster rare the overall prison growth rate of nine percent. And according to the Southern Legislative Conference, in 16 Southern states, the growth rate has escalated by an average of 145 percent since 1997.

Where’s the best place to find a prisoner to marry? Probably in California where prison weddings are said to be a regular occurrence. Officials say about 20 inmates get married in ceremonies held on the first Friday of even-numbered months at San Quentin, and usually at least one death row inmate is among them.

Based on this information, I guess there’s no reason for anyone to be alone ever again, right?


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fifty Years of Leave it to Beaver

Can you believe it fellow boomers? It’s been 50 years since Leave it to Beaver first made its debut on television.

To commemorate this occasion, TV Land is holding a 50th year marathon of the show. The episode I’m currently watching (as I write this) is the one where Wally hosts a teenage shin-dig but doesn’t want to invite his little brother. Beaver gets upset and decides to sabotage the party. He does this before Wally has a change of heart---at the urging of his always neatly dressed mother---June Cleaver.

OK, I admit that, as a little black girl, I used to watch the “Beev” because he was a kid just like me. I never gave one thought to the fact that he (and his family) didn’t have any black friends or that his school environment was quite different than mine. His dad surely wasn’t like my dad. He didn’t go to work everyday wearing a suit and tie but I bet my dad worked HARDER than Beev’s dad and he did so for HALF the pay. The only time my mother ever wore pearls was to go to church and you would’ve never seen her cleaning the house wearing them in one of her BEST dresses.

How much times have changed over the past 50 years……or have they? Let's ask our kids.

Friday, September 28, 2007

An Open Letter to Oprah: "You're Not Alone, My Sister."

Dear Oprah,

When you recently announced you had a problem with your thyroid, I immediately thought, “Welcome to my world.” I’ve been suffering from hypothyroidism for several years now. As a matter of fact, there are more than 10 million of us (90 percent women) struggling with this disease. And believe me when I tell you, it can be a STRUGGLE. An underactive thyroid often results in weight gain, fatigue, depression and other symptoms.

Oprah, I have to be honest with you, I never gave one thought to my thyroid gland in the past. I didn’t even know where it was because that wasn’t one of the things that ever got checked during my “routine” annual exams.

I heard you say your condition was triggered by stress. Girlfriend, so was mine! Being in a loveless marriage and the sole provider for a child---coupled with working in a thankless job sent my thyroid into overdrive. I know those weren’t YOUR issues, which just goes to show you stress comes in all kinds of ways.

Initially, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid---also known as Graves Disease. That’s when your thyroid glands are TOO active. I was walking around with bulging red eyes, looking like I was high all the time. To make matters worse, I was jittery and had a hard time focusing. That would sound like a drug addict to me. I was a mess!

The only course of treatment for me, according to my doctor, was to have the radioactive iodine therapy. The name sounds lethal doesn’t it? But I believed it saved my life. Now I am resigned to spending the rest of my life taking a drug called Synthroid. Oh, and I’m battling the battle of the bulge with vengeance.

You know, I’m really glad you came forward with this news. You have the kind of power that can make a difference in how this disease is treated by medical professionals, the media and society in general.

It’s always something though—isn’t it bad enough that we also have to deal with menopause?

Oh well…so goes life.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Exercise is Important to Baby Boomers

Why Exercise Is Important

• It strengthens your heart
• Improves your circulation
• Keeps muscles in tone
• Helps prevent osteoporosis
• Helps with weight control
• Helps hold down your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
• Makes you look and feel better

As we age, exercise becomes even more important. Older adults who exercise regularly tend not only to be stronger and have better balance and coordination, but to be better able to manage the sorts of daily chores that allow people to remain independent. They are also more likely to be physically fit.

Fitness is having the health, strength, endurance and range of motion needed to do physical work without becoming exhausted. A fit person can perform better and with less effort in sports and other physical activities and therefore is more likely to enjoy them.

One of the suggestions I make in my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age, is to keep a journal of your eating and exercise habits. That way you’ll have a good idea of what is or is not working when it comes to weight maintenance.

Women’s Health is offering a great FREE calendar/journal, full of information about and for women. It talks about topics of interest to us such as health, nutrition, life etc. Most women don't find out about this book until Nov/Dec. and by then they are usually out. So you have an early heads up. Click on (or paste and copy) the link below and get this great calendar/journal.
Here’s to aging gracefully!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Baby Boomer's View of the Jena 6

As a veteran journalist and baby boomer, I have followed, with much interest, the controversy surrounding the Jena 6 in Jena, Louisiana. This is one of those times when I wish I was still working in the newsroom---fighting for the right to cover stories of the injustices done to African-Americans---especially to African-American males.

I have seen very little coverage on this story and I know why. The “white shirts” who run newsrooms around the country don’t see the same significance as they do in a story berating OJ Simpson. It’s OK to kick a black man down BELOW the ground but don’t try to lift him up because he might try to steal a white woman.

I worked in an environment where an Assistant News Director expressed his fear of driving in a predominately black neighborhood and chastised me for his belief that I wanted him to show me favoritism because of my race. My question was----and still is---how do you get objective news reporting coverage from a manager like that?

What is getting ready to happen in Jena is historic. But let’s not forget, it’s happening in other places across America. Take the case of James Johnson in Wilson, NC who is scheduled to stand trial for the murder of an 18 year old white girl next week. There is NO EVIDENCE linking him to the crime but the District Attorney seems gung-ho on connecting him since he was apparently at the crime scene with another young man who has already confessed that he did it and he acted alone.

The Jena 6 movement is also very similar to the marches of the late 1950s and 1960s when people who believed in freedom marched and said “I ain’t gon’ let nobody turn me around..turn me around…turn me around…”

It is somewhat similar to Woodstock, when free thinkers said make love---not war.

I salute Davie Bowie who recently donated $10,000 to a legal defense fund for the six black teens charged in the alleged attack on the white classmate in Jena. It tells me that there are baby boomers who still have a conscience and awareness for what SHOULD be right with the world

Now I know this blog is going to piss some people off but I thank God I live in a country protected by the First amendment.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Let the "Good Times" Roll in Atlanta

Every time I go to a book signing, I always seem to walk away with an experience that I just have to write about.

This past weekend, I went to Atlanta for a book signing, which was part of an event called For Sisters Only. It was, by far, the biggest event I’ve been to at this point in my new career as an author/motivational speaker/entrepreneur.

As I was networking and attempting to sell books from my own little booth space, I noticed a familiar face walk in with a small entourage. It was none other than “Thelma” from Good Times! OK…her real name is Bern Nadette Stanis but everyone---and I mean EVERYONE---knows her as Thelma----the teenage daughter from the 1970s hit sitcom.

I couldn’t help but stare as a crowd gathered around her. She was so poised and so gracious to everyone---not just to the people who purchased her book, Situations 101---she was even nice to the jerks who came up to her trying to flirt.

The 53-year-old actress exemplifies what it means to age gracefully so, of course, I had to invite her to become a member of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame. I have also invited her to be a part of the Baby Boomer Diva Girlfriends Retreat in Daytona Beach next April.

The one question I wanted to ask her was if she had become acquainted with any of the 7 dwarfs of menopause yet. I certainly saw no signs of it or maybe she just knows how to wear menopause well. Bern Nadette reminded me of that 80s song by DeBarge: “You Wear it Well.”

“You just smile, yeah
And walk on through, oh, oh
You’ve got that personality, babe
And it sure looks good on you, yeah

Not the ordinary
Anything wear looks good on you especially
Nothin’ I can tell you
You haven’t already heard a half a million times
But I’d still like to say

You wear it well
You wear it well, you wear it well”

Next month, I’ll be back in Washington, DC. I’m wondering who I’ll meet there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t get a sexually transmitted disease. As a matter of fact, more than ten percent of all new U.S. AIDS cases are now in people over the age of 50. In the last few years, new AIDS cases rose faster in middle-aged and older people than in people under the age of 40.

In older women, sexual activity has been the most common cause of HIV infection, followed by infection from a blood transfusion before 1985. Women and men are equally responsible for protecting themselves before engaging in sexual intimacy.

The problem is some older men feel condoms are not for them. On top of that, some health professionals say they are regularly confronted by men's complaints that condoms do not fit, or that they are uncomfortable. Correct condom use is critical for preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmissible infections (STI), yet an Indiana University study found that study participants who reported problems with the fit and feel of condoms were also among those who reported the highest rates of condoms breaking and slipping.

Although condoms remain one of the most effective means of preventing both unintended pregnancies and sexually transmissible infections (STI) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. Ensuring that men and women use condoms consistently and correctly, however, is often a challenge. In addition, discussing penis size or condom issues with a healthcare practitioner can be challenging for many men.

One size DOES NOT Fit All: In the Indiana University study, a substantial number of men reported a variety of problems with the fit and feel of condoms. Specifically, 21 percent reported that condoms felt too tight; 18 percent reported that condoms felt too short; 10 percent reported that condoms felt too loose; and 7 percent reported that condoms felt too long.

So what is the answer? Viagra advertisers need to stop encouraging the former Woodstock- free love baby boomer generation to get it on and, perhaps, work with condom manufacturers to get it right.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Enjoy Your Menopause" without Hot Flashes!

Did you know there are certain foods that can trigger hot flashes during menopause?

Hot and spicy foods, caffeinated beverages, excess sugar, dairy products and alcohol can trigger hot flashes and even make them more intense. Here are some tips on how to keep hot flashes to a minimum:

Eat a nutritious diet low in saturated fat. This will help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Experts recommend that you keep your fat intake to 25 percent or less of the total calories you consume. Substitute olive or coconut oil for hydrogenated oils and most vegetable oils.

Add Soy Foods To Your Diet:

Increase your intake of soy-containing foods, including tofu as well as flax (linseed) oil. Eat a plant based diet, emphasizing plenty of fresh, preferably organic vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and fruit.

Increase Your Calcium Intake:

While the decrease in bone mass accelerates at menopause, it begins around age 35. After 35, women lose 1 percent of their bone mass per year. So be sure to consume enough calcium. 1,000 milligrams of Calcium a day for premenopausal women and 1,500 milligrams for postmenopausal women is what my gynecologist recommends.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Drink plenty of water about eight glasses a day. Drinking plenty of fluids is important, especially after exercising. Being property hydrated helps keep body temperature in check.

September is Menopause Awareness Month. Enjoy your Menopause! Be sure to stop by and take my Menopause Quiz at www.enjoyyourmenopause.com.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Anorexic Baby Boomer Diva? Never!

I used to be a size 0. That’s when I was a cart-wheeling, straddle-jumping, booty-shaking teenage cheerleader. These days I’m a size “nunya.” What’s that, you ask? It’s better known as the “nunya business---don’t ask me again” figure. It’s a size Ann Taylor needs to pay close attention to if she’s going to seriously market to baby boomer women.

While doing my morning walk/run on the Duke University cross-country trail today, I resigned myself to the fact that some of these extra pounds I’ve packed on over the last 10 years are NEVER going to come off. My doctor told me it is important to keep in mind that this weight gain is normal and to be expected. Studies have shown that about 90% of menopausal women gain some weight between the ages of 35 and 55. But you may not necessarily have to blame yourself for this newly acquired weight - research now shows that weight gain during menopause is caused by shifts in your hormones, not greedy eating.

So you know what? I can accept that fact as long as I feel good about who I am on the inside and I feel great! Furthermore, I do believe it’s alright for a baby boomer diva to have some meat on her bones because it’s how you work what you’re workin’ with that counts!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Menopause: An Equal Opportunity Annoyer

All of my life I’ve faced some type of discrimination. Either I wasn’t the right sex, race, or age; or in some cases I was shunned because I chose to be a working mother.

But here I am today, proud to say that as a woman going through menopause, I am not being discriminated against. Menopause is an equal opportunity annoyer. Now I know someone is reading this and saying, “Menopause does discriminate because MEN don’t experience it.” But I’m here to tell you that men have their own midlife issues and while they may not be identical to what I experience as a woman, they’re going through their own version of menopause.

September is Menopause Awareness Month---a time when we should educate ourselves on the facts surrounding the subject.

According to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, age at menopause is not influenced by race, height, the number of children a woman has had or whether she took oral contraceptives for birth control.

Some women go through menopause before age 51 and some experience it a bit later. Early menopause is defined as occurring at any age younger than age 40. Early menopause can occur naturally, but premature menopausal symptoms may signal an underlying condition, so it is important to discuss any symptoms with your health care professional.

What does influence the time of menopause? Genetics are a key factor. The age at which your mother stopped her periods may be similar to when you stop your menstrual periods. And women who smoke cigarettes experience menopause two years earlier, on average, than nonsmoking women.

The good thing to know is Menopause is controllable with good nutrition, exercise and a healthy, positive mental attitude. So “Enjoy Your Menopause!” And I hope to see you in Daytona Beach in March.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Menopause Awareness Month

September has been designated as Menopause Awareness Month. According to the American Menopause Foundation (www.americanmenopause.org), more than 1,500 American women reach menopause every day.

Why is it important to have menopause awareness? Because the same thing that causes periods to stop also causes menopausal symptoms in two out of three menopausal women. The ovaries stop producing estrogen, potentially causing hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and decreased libido. Regardless of whether or not a woman has menopausal symptoms, the decrease in natural estrogen production increases a woman's risk for several conditions including heart disease, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease.

On a Lighter Note:

Midlife is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless.

In Midlife the memory starts to go. In fact the only thing most of us can retain is water


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baby Boomers and Charity

Imagine my surprise when I checked my mailbox and found an invitation to attend a Monte Carlo Night in the San Fernando Valley of California. At first I thought it might’ve been SPAM but when I took a good look at the invite I realized it was from someone I knew.

Cartwright Entertainment has requested the honor of my presence at a $250 per person event on September 29. Oh, and the $250 is just to get in the door. There’s another $250 to “donate” if I want to play in the Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit Poker Tournament. This annual charity event benefits the Devonshire PALS Youth center for at risk kids. It’s an event Nancy Cartwright holds near and dear to her heart.

Now I know you must be wondering, how in the world do I know Nancy—the actress and the infamous “voice” behind the Bart Simpson character? Well, it just so happens this fellow baby boomer and I went to college together and were members of the Forensics Team. Since then, we’ve kept in touch on and off over the years. Nancy is still the same sweet person I remember from back in the day. She hasn’t let success and stardom go to her menopausal head.

I am, indeed, honored, to have received a "personal" invite and you can believe I’m going to do everything in my power to get there. How could I pass up an event that will have an open bar, valet parking, dancing under the stars, with an opportunity to win prizes like: A day on the set of several top TV shows; A Simpsons Pinball Machine signed by the cast; Four tickets to the American Idol Finale 2008.

Certainly, anyone who cares to donate to the “Beverly Mahone Monte Carlo Night Fund” can do so and I’ll be sure to let everyone there know I couldn’t have gotten there without your help. I’ll even pass out your business cards if you like since I know there will be lots of celebrities there to mingle with.

And who knows, I may even be able to convince Nancy to come to my Baby Boomer Girlfriends’ Retreat in March.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are Baby Boomers Responsible for Child Poverty?

If Baby Boomers have so much money as it keeps being reported by various media sources, why is it that so many of our children and grandchildren are living below poverty?

New Poverty Data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates the number of children under 18 living BELOW poverty continues to climb---with 37 states showing an increase from 2000 to 2006.

I guess it should come as no surprise that the southern states lead the way when it comes to rural children not having enough. Even less of a surprise are the number one and two states which have the highest rates: Mississippi and Louisiana. In Mississippi, there are nearly 150,000 children living below the poverty line with an overall under 18 population of a little more than 421,000. In Louisiana, there are more than 101,000 children living below poverty. That number jumped significantly from 2006 when the total was 92,000. Could Katrina have something to do with that?

In North Carolina, where I live, the number increased from 128,000 in 2006 to more than 157,000 in 2006. In Ohio, where I used to live, the number of children living below poverty in 2006 was 128,000---up from 73,000 in 2000.

On the other side of the spectrum, Connecticut has the lowest poverty level among children under 18 with 5,993 but even that is significantly higher than the 2000 reported number of 2336.

These are startling statistics! How can this be? Who is responsible for this? Haven’t we figured out YET that the child poverty rate is widely used as an indicator of a child well-being since growing up in poverty often compromises the future health status and educational attainment of these young people? Changes in child poverty signal important changes in a child’s quality of life and future outcomes.

What are we baby boomers---especially the really rich ones--- spending our money on if we’re not spending it on our kids and grandkids? Oh, maybe we’re spending it on vacations, RV’s and other frivolous things so we can get away from them? How sad.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Say It Loud---I'm a Baby Boomer Diva and Proud!

Who would’ve ever thought a few months ago that something called the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame would turn into what it is today?

I had the idea back in March after meeting Singer Natalie Cole at a Women’s Empowerment Convention. I told her she would be one of my DIVAS on my website. Then I started thinking of other women I’ve come in contact with, on and offline….women I have come to admire and respect. Women in my age group who were on the move and doing what they could to make a difference personally and/or professionally.

That was the birth of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame. I started out with a half dozen women. It’s now turned into 47 with 12 celebrities. Song-writer Carol Bayer Sager, Actresses Rene Russo and Linda Hamilton, Country Singer Trisha Yearwood and Sharon Osbourne are the latest to be included among the exclusive list of women who make up the Diva Web of Fame. I anticipate 100 women before the end of the year.

Wow! I have truly been blessed!!! Just last year I got fired from my good-paying television news job for writing Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age. I’m still struggling financially but oh, I am so much happier because I am truly pursuing my PASSION! Menopause isn't going to slow me down from enjoying what's left of my life.

And for those of you who can appreciate this: God told me all I needed was the faith of a mustard seed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From the Baby Boomers to the Babies: Passing the Torch

After my 11-month-old, I-can-walk-now grandson and I returned from the gym, we sat on the sofa while I flipped through the television channels trying to find something entertaining to hold his attention.

Lo and behold, on one of the cartoon networks there was a cartoon from MY PAST. If you're a baby boomer, you must remember Magilla Gorilla. I used to love that cartoon! When I was a little girl, it used to come on TV on a Wednesday evening (I believe) around 7:30pm. That's when prime time television was truly devoted to the kids.

I think I was more into the show than my grandson---although he did watch it. But what really caught his attention was The Secret Squirrel. Remember that one? It came on right after Magilla Gorilla. And then there was another favorite: Top Cat

After a strenuous workout in the gym, I found myself in 7th Heaven as I sat laughing at the cartoons. What a joy to be able to share a part of my childhood with my precious grandson! Now that's what you call PRICELESS!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Begins at 40 on TV Land

Even though I recently turned the big 5-0, I can truly say my life started turning around for the better when I turned 40. Even though I was headed to divorce court and was dealing with some life-threatening medical issues, that was the TURNING POINT of my life and now it just keeps getting better and better. New Husband...New Attitude...New Passion.

Anyway, I wanted to let you that TV Land is looking for baby boomer couples who put their dreams on hold while taking care of everyone else. I'm sure some of you know how that is.

Contact Associate Producer Amber Mike at Phone: 646-747-7940 or email: amber.mike@rdfnewyork.com

Maybe I'll be seeing YOU on TV!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Can Baby Boomers Find Love More than Once?

Chapter Two of my Book Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age deals with the subject of dating at middle age. I was single when I wrote it but am happy to report that I have since re-married. And guess what? We met online! So I say YES, baby boomers can find love and happiness with a new soul mate.

Here's my excerpt:

"My guy also had to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about any subject, rock my world in the bedroom, enjoy working out (and have the physique to prove it), and appreciate my knowledge of sports. Because my job required me to make numerous public appearances, I had to insist on being in the company of a man who would make me look even better.

When I discovered none of those eligible bachelors were ready to settle down and I was, I had to switch gears and change strategies for finding a husband. I compare my experience to a shopping trip. I started out in the bargain basement. The men I met were either so cheap or broke that they wouldn’t even meet me halfway on a dutch-treat date.

As I became a more sophisticated shopper, I moved up to what I thought was a better chain. These were the men who would shower me with nice things but always, and I mean ALWAYS, expected something in return. And they didn’t believe in the layaway plan.

Then, bingo! I thought I hit the jackpot when I went upscale.
I thought I had found a true gem, only to discover years later that it was a cubic zirconia—an imitation of the real thing. I was convinced I was in the right department, but I picked out the wrong merchandise.

That was then."

I'm going to be in Baltimore, MD for a book signing and workshop on Saturday, August 18. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Menopause is NOT the End of the World

For those of you who have not yet read Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age, I thought now would be a great time to share with you what you're missing. The book deals with serious issues from a humorous point of view.

Chapter One deals with the symtoms associated with menopause. I'm here to tell you that menopause isn't the end of your world. It should be regarded as the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

"Have the seven dwarfs of menopause come knocking at your door yet? If you’re not sure, please allow me to make the introductions. There’s Sweaty, Bloated, Forgetful, Bitchy, Itchy, Sleepy, and All Dried Up. They don’t all show up at once, but you can rest assured they will come in, sometimes unannounced, and definitely uninvited, and, yes, they will wear out their welcome! These little menaces to society bring night sweats, headaches, fatigue, forgetfulness, muscle and joint pain, urinary incontinence, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, yeast infections, and vaginal dryness into our lives.

According to my gynecologist, over time we may even start to lose our desire for sex. I don’t know how you feel about that, but I surely hope it doesn’t happen to me—because I’d hate to think I wasted the best years of my sex life on my ex!"

OK, there's a little snippet for you. The book is available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tips for Keeping Your Cool this Summer

Exercise is what keeps a baby boomer diva looking like a DIVA. Working out regularly plays a key role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Even if you don’t have a membership to a health club, you can still get a good workout in by doing it outdoors. Here are some tips to help my fellow baby boomer divas keep it cool while exercising:

1) Workout either first thing in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is starting to do down.

2) Stop and rest as needed if exercising in the heat makes breathing difficult. Some people like to carry bottled water. You should drink plenty of water before and after you exercise. STAY AWAY from drinks with caffeine because they can cause you to lose fluids.

3) Pay attention to your body. Be on the lookout for signs of a heat-related illness such as dizziness, nausea, severe headache or light-headedness.

4) Wear loose fitting, light-colored clothing. You may want to look cute but look good and comfortable instead of wearing something too tight and feeling miserable.

5) If rain catches you by surprise, alter your game plan by walking in the mall or exercise along with a fitness video at home.

Finally, enjoy the company of a fellow diva while you exercise. Here’s to your good health!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whatever! happened to David Hartman?

He’s alive and well right here in Durham, NC! I ran into him and his wife this morning while getting my daily workout in at the Duke University cross country trail.

I was just starting my 2.8 mile trek and it looked as though they were finishing up. I immediately recognized Hartman even though he had on sunglasses. Some faces you just never forget and his was one I watched for many years when he was the co-host of Good Morning America.

He looked great and he was so charming! He was even gracious enough to stop and chat with me for a few moments. Of course I just had to tell him about my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age. He smiled as he told me he was beyond the baby boomer generation. He may be 72 but he doesn't look a day over 50! That’s when I turned my attention to his baby boomer wife and told her she would absolutely love my book. I wanted to give them a copy but I didn’t have any in the car.

Let this be a lesson to all authors: Carry your books EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

Hartman said he and he wife walked the trail often so I was bound to see them again. And you know I’ll be looking out.

This is what I am calling a “Thank God for menopause moment!” because menopause and its annoying symptoms have forced me to be much more conscientious of my physical health and that’s why I go to the trail and that’s how I was able to run into David Hartman.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why Baby Boomers are FAT in North Carolina.

When I first moved to Durham, NC more than 10 years ago, I noticed there were quite a few folks in my age group I considered to be overweight.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks---The reason why baby boomers in my neck of the woods are overweight is because there are NO SIDEWALKS! Trying to exercise by walking in many Durham neighborhoods becomes a hazardous mission when you are competing with vehicles for road space. It’s especially challenging when the vehicles refuse to obey the speed limit signs or refuse to give us the right of way.

I never paid much attention to the city not having neighborhood sidewalks until this morning when my husband and I took a five-mile walk in Largo, MD. There were sidewalks for miles and miles and miles. And check this out: there were sidewalks on both sides of the street! It didn’t matter that it was hot and humid at 8am. Just the thought of strolling along on a beautiful sidewalk made exercising worthwhile and so enjoyable!

Many baby boomers in Durham are forced to take their lives into their own hands when they try to exercise. I wonder what developers were thinking about when they decided not to include sidewalks in their overall plans. Maybe they just figured we didn’t need them because we’d much rather spend our time smoking cigarettes in the city known for being the American Historic Tobacco District.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Smoking Can Cause Early Menopause

A newly released report indicates women who smoke are more likely to begin menopause before the age of 45 years, which puts them at increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

Norwegian scientists have found that women aged between 59 and 60 years old were 59 per cent more likely than non-smokers to have undergone an early menopause. For the heaviest smokers, the risk of early menopause was nearly doubled. But women who had quit smoking at least a decade before menopause were 87 percent less likely than their peers who currently smoked to have gone through it early.

Personally, I’d much rather slip into an early menopause rather than develop lung cancer or heart disease as a direct result from smoking. The bottom line is SMOKING KILLS!!!

Other findings in the study indicated more educated women were less likely to go into menopause early, but they were also less likely to be smokers.
High social participation also cut early menopause risk.

The researchers found no link between coffee or alcohol consumption or passive exposure to smoke and early menopause risk.

I’m just wondering where all of this research was when my mother was suffering.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spend Your Next Vacation in Prison Baby Boomers

There’s apparently a new vacation craze for baby boomers. They’re being called incarceration vacations. Say what?

That’s right! The newest tourist destinations are former prisons, like the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and the Crime and Punishment Museum in Ashburn, GA. Eastern State goes so far to host a special Halloween Fright Night calling it Terror Behind the Walls and tickets range anywhere from $20 to $30 (depending on the day of the week you go) for a three-hour tour.

It seems that more and more outdated and closed prisons are drumming up new business with people who want the experience of being on “lockdown” while knowing they have a key to get out.

And if you still want more, you can always visit Boston or Amsterdam where their old prisons have been converted into upscale hotels.

As for me, I’ll see you on the outside!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Family Barbie Grandma? Whatever!

My baby boomer girlfriend Angela hipped me to something today in her blog (www.angelabetts.com) I wasn't aware of and now I'm on my soapbox (thanks Angela)

I want to go on the record as totally objecting to Mattel's introduction of the Happy Family Barbie Grandma!!!

Who in the world is calling the shots at Mattel that they would think this is an acceptable product? I bet it's some youngster under 40 who doesn't have a clue about the baby boomer generation. We are the grandmas---we are baby boomer divas---and many of us don't look like the version they have depicted. The majority of "grandmas" I know are in the business world. They are sophisticated and savvy. We go to the Spa and work out at the gym. And Lord knows, the vast majority of us aren't looking like we're ready to retire at any moment. We don't have to hide our figures by wearing those grandma-looking sweaters and baggy polyster pants.

It's just like 50 years ago when they brainwashed us into believing that the only example of a "cute" doll was one who was white with long blonde hair. Now Mattel adds further insult to injury by doing this.

A doll like that might've been great for our generation when we were growing up. The family unit was different back then. Our grandparents looked somewhat like the image they're depicting. But it is totally unacceptable now. Mattel ought to be ashamed for introducing such a figure to the American public. I am starting a petition to get them to remove this doll image from their product line.

But if there's any consolation to this whole thing----she ISN'T BLONDE!

Monday, July 16, 2007

This Baby Boomer Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

What was life like before cell phones?

I lost my cell phone over the weekend while on an out-of-town trip. I initially hesitated to take it because I make it a practice not to do telephone business on the weekends. Another reason for not taking it was because I was going to be with my husband and he’s the ONLY PERSON I generally answer the phone for on Saturdays and Sundays.

But then I figured if something happened to me on the road, having a cell phone would come in quite handy.

The last time I had my cell phone was early Saturday morning when my teenage daughter used it to talk to a friend. Instead of giving it back to me, she said she laid it down on the dining room table. It was only when I was getting ready to leave and return to North Carolina, did I start looking for it. By that time, it had mysteriously disappeared. I guess it just got up and walked away.

It’s amazing…just a few short years ago, I didn’t even like talking on a cell phone. As a member of the baby boomer generation, I grew up with a rotary dial phone. There was no such thing as cordless or wireless. Now I discover I can’t live without this new technology. I searched frantically all over the house looking for it. I thought I would die! No cell phone. No connection to the outside world. No way to call anyone if I should have an accident or break down on the road. What’s even worse is I lost ALL of my very important contact numbers. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to import those numbers into my phone? Do you know how hard it was to get some of those numbers?

Today this baby boomer feels disconnected.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

"I'm Still Hot" Tour Part II

Upon leaving the Fox studio in High Point, I ran into a few showers but they didn’t last long.

With my daughter and grandson in tow, I headed down Highway 85 south. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day for a drive! I popped in The Secret CDs and filled my mind with positive thoughts and inspiration. About two hours later, we’re pulling into the Concord Mills Mall, just outside of Charlotte. This is one absolutely incredible place! I’ve been there three times and still don’t think I’ve been able to visit every store. There are over 200!!!

Now those who really know me will tell you I never meet a stranger. I’ll talk to anybody---anywhere---and that’s just what I did at the Mall. I passed out my business cards and let folks know I was going to be on the Fox Morning Show the next day. I believe you should never let a moment go by without networking. As a result of that networking, I met a woman named Linda Dvorak who is a member of eWomenNetwork We exchanged business cards and she invited me to an event she’s having on June 28 at the Speedway Club in South Concord, NC. I was truly impressed with this woman and I believe meeting her was NO coincidence.

After doing a little shopping, I figured it was time to check into the hotel and then head over to the book store where I was supposed to be doing a signing after my TV interview.

Well, this is where I met my first two challenges. The first room I was given only had one queen size bed. That wasn't going to work. The second room had no hot water. How they didn't know that is beyond me. But finally, they got it straightened out and all was well in room 2312.

Next....the people at the book store (Park Road Books) didn’t seem to have it all together for my signing. They had no promotion up for me---although there was promotion for every OTHER AUTHOR scheduled to sign during the week. I decided it would be in everyone's best interest for me to cancel. What they missed out on was a wonderful opportunity to get some FREE PUBLICITY on TV because you know I was going to mention the book signing and location. But it was THEIR LOSS. Now, this is one of those instances where I could’ve made some “assumptions” but I figured if this window was being closed---God was preparing to open up another one---and that He did!

Coming up next time: My new “last minute” book signing and the interview on Fox 18 in Charlotte.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mama's Warning about Menopause is Subject of New Ebook

Baby Boomer Author Beverly Mahone is taking a short break from her “I’m Still Hot…It just comes in Flashes now!” Summer Tour to introduce her brand new ebook: Mama Said There’d Be days Like This. “My mama was notorious for handing out warnings. She had a warning about everything---from dealing with men to dealing with menopause!” laughs the author.

But it’s what her mother DIDN’T say about menopause that Ms. Mahone says were the red flags she discovered later in her own adult life. “My mama never talked about the “M” word but her bizarre behavior ended up being clear warning signals for me. She taught me more than I could ever read in a book about what to expect.”

In addition to her own writings, the new ebook also contains essays from baby boomer writers around the country who share their own “warning experiences” from dear sweet mom. It covers everything from the dangers of eating the wrong food to what happens when you choose the wrong career.

Ms. Mahone, who is also the author of the best-selling book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age, says pre-orders are being taken right now at a special discounted rate before the book is officially introduced to the public on July 2. For more information, you can visit her website at http://www.thebabyboomerdiva.com

“This is the kind of book you’ll want to share during your July 4th cookout or family gathering and it’ll definitely make you reminisce on your own mother’s warnings”, she says. “Then ask yourself, just how many of those warnings did you end up having to learn the HARD way?”

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I'm Still Hot" Tour Part I

Last week I started the first phase of my "I'm still Hot...it just comes in Flashes now!" book tour. First stop, WGHP Fox 8 in High Point/Greensboro. I decided to take my daughter and grandson with me so they could experience what it was like to be "on the road." I have to say I probably learned more from it than they did.

At WGHP, I was interviewed by a young woman named Shannon--she looked young enough to be my daughter. I didn't think she understood the whole "menopause" thing but she did read my book and asked some VERY GOOD QUESTIONS during the interview. It appears the one book I sent got passed around to the women at the station because they all had a comment about something they read. Fortunately, I was able to wait until the camera stopped rolling before I had a "hot flash!"

My biggest thrill was getting to see a guy I worked with 20 years ago at WITN-TV (NBC Affiliate) in NC. His name is Bob Buckley and he was hired to do sports back then. He was always a friendly guy and I enjoyed his take on sports. Well, at WGHP, he is now a news anchor/reporter---a job he says he prefers---and he seems to be doing a wonderful job at it. As a matter of fact, he's the one who pushed for me to be interviewed at WGHP because it just so happened that he was filling in as an anchor for the morning show last week.

Bob and I reminisced about old times and connections. I learned, for the first time, that he went to school with Brad Pitt and Sheryl Crow and another former colleague of mine from ABC-11. The man has connections.

I left the interview feeling really good about it. My daughter even said she enjoyed it. From there I spoke at a luncheon of about 60 women. They laughed at my jokes and gave me a standing ovation at the end.

Next it's on to Charlotte, NC.

Wanna know what the rave is all about? Pick up a copy of "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age" on amazon.com and find out!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Taking my Hot Flashes on Tour

This week I'm kicking off my summer book tour with "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age." Tagging along with me will be the seven dwarfs of menopause (and probably a few of their cousins) and some hot flashes. Now I want you to know they are UNIVITED GUESTS. I'd love to leave them at home with my husband but, just like me, he's had to endure them and, bless his heart, they've been harder on him sometimes than on me. So I'm packing them up and taking them with me.

On Wednesday, June 20th I'm making a guest appearance on the Fox8 Morning News Show. On Thursday, June 21, its on to Charlotte, NC where I will be a guest on Fox News Rising (Fox18). At noon, I will be doing a book signing at Park Roads Books, also in Charlotte.

Now it just so happens that Thursday, June 21---the first day of summer---is also my 50th birthday so I guess me and the dwarfs are all gonna be celebrating this new milestone together.

If you’d like to schedule me and my menopause crew for an interview, book signing or as a guest speaker, please contact me directly at 301-356-6280 or via email at bmahone@nc.rr.com

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What's the Big Hype about Menopause?

All of a sudden everybody is talking about the “M” word. Everyday on somebody’s blog you can read about the symptoms or remedies or about someone’s personal “drama” in dealing with it. On Thursday an article on the subject was written in the New York Times by writer Elizabeth Hayt.

I was actually one of the people interviewed for the story. Yes, I’m the one who has no problem letting anybody, anywhere know when I’m having a hot flash. I’m not ashamed to say the “M” word---it’s called M-E-N-O-P-A-U-S-E. It’s another phase of a woman’s journey through life.

Since the article appeared some people have criticized, what they call, my “jovial, let’s celebrate hot flashes, mood swings and depression kind of attitude.” I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: Menopause is a fact of life. How you choose to deal with it is on you. I, personally, have no desire to sit and be miserable about the inevitable so I’m doing all I can to enjoy this journey.

Just like anything else in life, if you focus on the bad that’s all you’ll get in return but if you look at the positive, you’ll find there is light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Life is what you make it so with that being said I’ll just say: “I’m still Hot…it just comes in Flashes now!” When you read my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age, you’ll have a much clearer perspective on where I’m coming from.

In the meantime, enjoy this interview I did on WOR Radio with Ellis and

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Anniversary Trip

Quaint" "friendly" and "artsy" are a few words I would use to describe Asheville, NC. That's where we decided to spend our first year wedding anniversary. Asheville is one of the best kept secrets for tourism in a state known for tobacco and basketball.

I was hoping to go back to St. Lucia where we spent our honeymoon but being a Best Selling Author doesn't equate to being a millionaire (yet) so I chose a place I thought would be secluded and peaceful with a beautiful ambience. It also had to fit our budget and I didn't want to go too far away from my teenage daughter and my brand new car.

Anyway, Asheville is nestled in the mountains of Western NC. We stayed in downtown Asheville at a hotel called the Renaissance. Our room was on the 9th floor overlooking a scenic view.

The one thing that impressed us the most about Asheville was the fact that we just blended in. No one treated us like tourists. Every place we went we felt welcome and easily struck up conversations with many of the locals. It was really difficult to tell who the tourists were. Another observation was the fact that people who appeared to be homeless weren't walking around begging for food or money. They just "blended in" and no one seemed bothered by them.

During our stay, we toured the Biltmore House, along with several hundred other folks. The tour goes on for hours because there are 250 rooms and each one has an interesting story behind it. The gardens were absolutely exquisite! We also toured their Winery where they had a wine tasting.

Our first night, there was a beautiful fireworks display we could see from our hotel room window and that set the mood for the rest of the trip!

It's wonderful to be a baby boomer in love!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Be Careful What You Pray For

First of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear right from the start: Not all marriages are ordained by God. That’s my opinion. Just because you pray for a husband DOES NOT MEAN you will receive your “Prince Charming.” It just means that God will grant your request to get married and have a husband because that’s what you said you wanted and because He loves you. That’s where many women make their first mistake. When we pray, we must be SPECIFIC in our request.

Praying for a man will get you a man but will he be the RIGHT man? Praying for a man with a job might be a good start but what other qualities should he have? Tall, Dark and Handsome? Good Provider? Loving and affectionate? Sense of humor? Loves kids? How does he treat his mother? What is he passionate about? Does he place God above everyone and everything else?

The first time around I got just what I asked for simply because I didn’t know I could pray to God and ask for exactly what I wanted. God did His part by granting my request. But as I grew older and wiser I discovered I had prayed for the wrong things and then I had to turn around and pray to get out of the mess.

The second mistake women make is thinking you can change him once you get him. If God hasn’t changed him yet, what makes you think you can?

Today I am so happy to say I got it right this time. I have a wonderful, new husband but I didn’t pray for him in the conventional sense. This time I asked God to create a new creature in me with a renewed spirit so that I would be deserving of a good husband and God did just what He promised and granted my request.

I’m just a baby boomer in love!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Baby Boomer in Love

This time last year I was preparing for a trip that would change my life forever. This was the second-trip-of-its-kind for me, but somehow I felt I was going to have an entirely new experience.

You know how it is when you go on trips. You’re looking to have fun----with no stress. My first trip started out just fine….maybe because I stayed in the dark most of the time. But my wise old mama always had a saying for everything and this one was “What you do in the dark will eventually come to light!” Oh yeah, she pounded that nail right on the head. That first trip was a TRIP from Hell.

My second trip wasn’t quite as exciting. There were no frills---no bells and whistles or white doves hovering over. I think as you get older, the fancy, frivolous stuff isn’t as important as the quality and real meaning of the trip itself.

The beautiful thing today is I feel just as happy and excited about the second trip as if it happened just yesterday. This week my “new” husband and I are celebrating our first year anniversary. We’ve gone through quite a lot over the past year but through it all we have persevered and God has truly been the glue to keep us together. It’s a beautiful thing to be a baby boomer in love.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Baby Boomer Diva Butterball? Whatever!

Yesterday after church a woman named Lois came up to me and complimented me on my appearance. She said she noticed I had lost weight. I thanked her for noticing and explained that I have been working on dropping some pounds. I told her I had lost about five pounds. She thought it was more than that and then went on to tell me I had turned into a little "butterball" so losing any weight was obviously noticeable.

WELL!!! So that's what I've been looking like to the general public? A little butterball! Funny no one else said anything before. Maybe they were just trying to spare my feelings because you know how sensitive some of us women can be about weight issues. But this particular baby boomer diva didn't bite her tongue or mince words---she just came right out and said what she thought.

Although Lois and I have been attending the same church for years, we became friends after my book "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age" was released. She bought a copy and said she's read it about four or five times. Bless her heart.

I told her how I had changed my eating habits and about going to the gym and participating in the fitness boot camp.

On the way home from church I told my husband what she said and he was surprised at her comment. But then I asked him to BE HONEST and tell me if he thought I had gained alot of weight. And then he confessed that I had packed on some pounds since we first met six years ago but his love for me wasn't measured by how much I weighed.

Awww...that was sweet. But I do thank Lois for keepin' it real.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

To Drink or Not to Drink

How many times have you seen someone order a fast food meal, loaded with calories, and then turn around and order a diet drink? Maybe you've even done it yourself. What is the point of the diet drink? Is it to fulfill a craving for the "taste" of a soda? Why is it so hard to order a cup of water?

Our drinking habits can be just as bad as out eating habits.

I'm sure you've heard it before----alcohol, no matter what form it comes in---packs on the calories. Coupled with the bloating that never seems to go away, you also have a tendency to eat more when you drink alcohol.

Studies may say a little red wine is good for your heart but a "little" wine every day can add up and before you know it, that "little" dress that used to fit you so nicely will become a tight squeeze.

The same goes for soda. It is loaded with sugar and let's not mention all of the damage it could do to your insides over time. I'm personally not going to drink something I know can remove acid or corrosion off of a car battery.

There is nothing better than water...and when you add a freshly squeezed lemon, you've got yourself a real treat. I recommend you go to this website and read up on the benefits of water and you just might not want to drink soda again: http://www.watercure.com

One more thing...if you're going out for a night on the town, eat something first and try sipping not gulping down your favorite drink....even if someone else is buying.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Late-Night Snacking

One of the worst things you can do to sabotage your weight loss goals is to eat late at night. That was a major problem for me for years because of my work schedule. Even though I ate my “dinner” at work, I would still be hungry when I came home and found myself snacking on more food. Sometimes I would actually make an entirely new “dinner”, watch TV for awhile and then go to sleep. That is a big NO-NO!

If you must snack later in the evening, why not choose a fresh piece of fruit instead of the potato chips and ice cream. Some people argue that they just don’t have a taste for fruit and if that’s the case, well don’t worry about it. Just start preparing yourself to buy a whole new wardrobe---a size (or maybe two) bigger.

And while you're just sitting there snacking you can read my book, "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eating at Your Desk

Unhealthy Habit #3

When I worked in TV news, I made it a habit of sitting at my desk and eating because I didn't want to miss any "breaking news." Sometimes I felt guilty about going to the bathroom because there were no news scanners in there and I needed to know what was going on 24/7.

Where did my fat spread? To my stomach, hips and behind because I wasn't moving around after I ate. If you do choose to eat at your desk, it is imperative that you find some time during the day (or evening) to exercise--if it's nothing more than a walk. But if you continue to take in more than you burn off that only equates into FAT.

Also, studies have shown that if you eat at your desk or on your living room sofa or even in your bed for that matter---you're inclined to eat more because there's no designated time or reason for you to get up from that spot. How many times have you ever sat in front of your TV and ate a whole bag of chips (or at least HALF of the bag) or pigged out on ice cream right out of the carton?
When you designate your kitchen as the place you will sit and eat, you're less likely to overeat.

Going to a restaurant for the all you can eat buffet, however, is another story!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Your Eyes are Bigger than Your Stomach

Remember when you were a child and your mother told you to eat all of your food because it was good for you? And she also reminded you how fortunate you were to have food on your plate because there were poor children in Biafra who didn’t have anything to eat.

Well, you’re all grown up now and while it’s important to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet, there is no need to CLEAN YOUR PLATE. That means it’s unnecessary to pile on all you can eat because “it just looks so delicious” and then go out of your way to finish it all. Calories add up---especially at middle age---while your metabolism is continuing to slow down. If you’re taking in more than you’re burning off, you could easily see an extra 5-10 pounds in a matter of months.

More fruits and vegetables are definitely the way to go. Why not try color-coded days by eating only fruits and vegetables of a certain color. For example: On Monday, make it a green day and eat all vegetables and fruits that are green in color. For lettuce, I would recommend a mixed green variety because plain lettuce has no nutritional value. On Tuesday, you could do a red day and so on and so forth.

Today, I decided to do a mix and match day: purple and red so I’m loading up on the blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Got Fat?

Are you one of those women fighting the battle of the bulge? Well, if it's any consolation, you'll be glad to know you're not alone. Thousands of middle-aged women can attest to the fact that they've put on a few extra pounds. Some, like me, are trying to SQUEEZE into clothes that don't fit anymore instead of accepting the fact that it's time to go up a dress size or two.

I'm going to spend some time blogging about Women's Heath---starting with the 7 unhealthy habits that keep you from losing weight:

#1 SKIPPING BREAKFAST: If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, many of us skip it because we think it will help use lose unwanted pounds. But get this: that bad habit actually adds pounds. Studies have found that by skipping breakfast (or any other meal for that matter), your body is storing fat because it thinks you are starving and is trying to keep a "reserve" for you.

Now I don't know about you, but that's NOT the kind of favor I want my body to do for me so I guess I'm off to eat a mango.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Bad Habit #2

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Baby Boomer Diva Web of SHAME

This post is necessary because of an experience I had earlier this week with the general public in Durham, NC. I have to say this was the one time when I was never more angry to be a part of this community. The term "Southern Hospitality" has become a joke because I certain haven't been able to find any here lately. OK, let me cut to the chase.

On Monday I was on my way to pick up my daughter when, for some unknown reason, my husband's 2004 navy blue Sebring with Maryland tags just shut off while I was stopped at the traffic light at the interesection of Lynn Road and US 70. I was attempting to turn right at the time. My car woes created somewhat of a traffic tie up but guess what? The police drove by---a sheriff's deputy drove by and several other cars and NO ONE stopped. Instead, they chose to drive around my car, with my flashers on and infant grandchild in the car, and continue on to their destinations. It didn't matter that I was stopped in the dead of the hot sun with no shade in sight. A couple of people had the nerve to wave as they were trying to maneuve around me. Some even had disgusted looks on their faces as if I intentionally created the traffic jam.


I thought that was as good a time as any to have a little talk with God. I wanted to know why no one was stopping to help me because I always seem to go out of my way to help others when I see them broken down on the side of the road. My daughter cringes every time I do it but I try to explain the good feeling I get when I help someone else.

More than 50 cars and trucks passed by and in my frustration I decided to write down the license plates. Chances are the owners of these vehicles won't read this blog because they're too busy trying to get to one destination or another or they probably don't even know what their license plate number is. Do you?

So if you read and recognize the license plate number, let them know they've been formally inducted into this Baby Boomer Diva's Web of SHAME:

SRD 8957; WTJ 8555; RVD 8673; WSJ2871; HRX 7089; RPJ 5963; LRE 8059; MNR 5609; HSS 6797; DEAD-I-2; RTT 5164; SWT 9042; TZC 6286; VXX 5562; VSS 9177; WSJ 2672; HTC 7839; VWV 8834; VSY 9234; RWF 3326; RVD 8673; VTD 5017; LSL 7886; 3XSA209 (CA plates); RTT 5164; TZN 9903; TZC 3906; MWE 6523; CVD 1669; TPA 2531; HEDWELLS; PBE & COE; WNA 8032; PNR 4765; VRJ 7709; SWT 9141; KXX 6925; WPR 6015; LPK 9798; LRE 9995; VPH 5512; VZZ 35; SWT 9141; JTA 5786; VWJ 2169; WSY 7307; LSL 7886; VZZ 3557; VX7757; WPR 1410; WSJ 3725; WSJ 4620; WPV 5677; SURVIVOR 5; VRT 6725; VZY 8570; SZH 6882; WPB 8466; VSS 5415; SWT 8206; JWF 4290; VRW 3745; VPC 5159; VSS 6954; WXB 1842; VRX 1470; VSS 7669

Now, I must also tell you that God did answer me. He sent an unidentified woman in a red camaro who volunteered to go pick up my daughter; He sent a passenger who was riding in a White Ford Taurus---license plate # TXN 8963---to singlehandedly push my car to the side of the road---and finally, He sent a tow truck.

One of the things my daughter said is, "It's hard to be nice to others when you see how they treat you in times of your own distress." And sometimes we wonder why young people behave the way they do.