Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You Wearing Grannies Panties?

Twenty or thirty years ago, I would never have any problem deciding what to wear on a hot day like today. Tube top and bikini shots, along with my sandals and some cool shades. But now at 50-something, that attire is definitely out.

So what's a poor baby boomer woman to do when she wants to look cute and cool for the summer even though she's having to deal with a little middle-age spread?

Lifestyle writer Aliceann Toole offers her thoughts on fashion for boomer women. She says, "Just because we reach that certain age, we don’t throw our fashion sense out the window. Just because our bodies have changed over the years, we aren’t ready for shapeless “granny” clothes … even if we’re grannies."

I agree with her synopsis but then the question becomes, "Did I have any fashion sense to begin with?"

I still have the right to wear grannies panties, if I want to, don't I?

How has your fashion changed over the years?