Monday, November 23, 2009

Spending Your Life in Tears for One Reason or Another

Did you know women spend one year and four months of their lives in tears. According to a recent survey researchers found that from birth to the age of 78, a woman will be find herself crying for at least 12,013 hours.

Here are some reasons baby boomer women might cry:

weight gain
cheating husband
adult children who return home how many times did you cry today?

Do you cry when you look in the mirror? Another survey indicates women are constantly concerned by their appearance and worries about aging. Woman worry about their bodies 252 times a week on an average. One hundred women aged 35 to 69 were given clickers in an experiment to register each time they worried about the ageing process.

Over seven days, the average number of clicks was 252.

The survey showed that on average women had negative thoughts 36 times a day.

One woman, who had a facelift ten years ago, clicked 1,400 times over seven days but admitted she thought it would be more. In her waking hours, she said she experienced a negative thought about herself approximately every three minutes.

So how many negative thoughts went through your head while reading this?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah Does it Her Way

When the queen of Daytime TV announced this week that she would end her show on September 9, 2011 after 25 years on the air, it came as no surprise to me. I actually knew this information several months ago---thanks to an interview I did with a woman who spent a year on the Oprah Show back in 2006. Lisa Bradley told me back in May that Oprah was ending her show in 2011 and she said it again when she spoke as the Luncheon Keynote Speaker for the kick-off of our Boomer Diva Nation Conference just last month.

For a quarter of a century, Oprah has introduced us to some of the most interesting guests. She has also given us an up close and personal look into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. The Talk Show Diva has also proven that she can turn an average person into a household name (Iyanla Van Zant, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil) and turn writers into best selling authors---even when they didn't deserve it (remember James Frey?)

Meanwhile, her critics are saying she's lost much of her appeal--due largely in part to the fact that she endorsed Barack Obama for President. Some in the African-American community have accused her of selling out to please White America. Well, you can say what you want about Oprah but the truth of the matter is, her name is associated with power and influence and this baby boomer EARNED every bit of it without a government bailout.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Noisy Sex Gets a Conviction

I think you and I will agree that it's a good thing when a husband and wife can really turn each other on at midlife, right? But should your neighbors have first hand knowledge of what's going on in your home?

It seems as though a 48-year-old baby boomer woman from the UK was convicted for making too much noise during her love-making sessions with her husband. The noise was so bad that everyone from the neighbors to the postman heard their escapades.

A next door neighbor of the couple told the court she was frequently late for work because she overslept having been awake most of the night because of the noise.

She said: "The noise sounds like they are both in considerable pain. I cannot describe the noise. I have never ever heard anything like it."

An actual recording of their love-making sessions was also played for the court. is this a cheap thrill or is someone jealous?

To read the whole article, click on the title at the top of the page.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why We Vote

I didn't realize it was election day until I drove past a neighborhood church and saw "Vote Here Today" signs on the lawn.

To tell you the truth, I didn't see the point in voting. I mean, I spent all of my energy last year on the most important election of my lifetime and now that it's over, what's the point? Well, obviously there were many others who felt the same way as me. In a precinct that has more than 2000 registered voters, I ended up being voter #115. Pretty sad.


The country was so focused on getting the Republicans out of office on a national and state level but what many of us fail to realize is, it starts on the LOCAL level. That means your county commissioners, city council, school boards, etc are just as important because their decisions will have an immediate impact on you.

Voting is a privilege and a right. If you don't exercise it, you have absolutely nothing to complain about so I don't expect to see your gripes on Twitter, Facebook or wherever!