Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Family Barbie Grandma? Whatever!

My baby boomer girlfriend Angela hipped me to something today in her blog (www.angelabetts.com) I wasn't aware of and now I'm on my soapbox (thanks Angela)

I want to go on the record as totally objecting to Mattel's introduction of the Happy Family Barbie Grandma!!!

Who in the world is calling the shots at Mattel that they would think this is an acceptable product? I bet it's some youngster under 40 who doesn't have a clue about the baby boomer generation. We are the grandmas---we are baby boomer divas---and many of us don't look like the version they have depicted. The majority of "grandmas" I know are in the business world. They are sophisticated and savvy. We go to the Spa and work out at the gym. And Lord knows, the vast majority of us aren't looking like we're ready to retire at any moment. We don't have to hide our figures by wearing those grandma-looking sweaters and baggy polyster pants.

It's just like 50 years ago when they brainwashed us into believing that the only example of a "cute" doll was one who was white with long blonde hair. Now Mattel adds further insult to injury by doing this.

A doll like that might've been great for our generation when we were growing up. The family unit was different back then. Our grandparents looked somewhat like the image they're depicting. But it is totally unacceptable now. Mattel ought to be ashamed for introducing such a figure to the American public. I am starting a petition to get them to remove this doll image from their product line.

But if there's any consolation to this whole thing----she ISN'T BLONDE!

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Angela said...

You're welcome, Bev! :-)