Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Begins at 40 on TV Land

Even though I recently turned the big 5-0, I can truly say my life started turning around for the better when I turned 40. Even though I was headed to divorce court and was dealing with some life-threatening medical issues, that was the TURNING POINT of my life and now it just keeps getting better and better. New Husband...New Attitude...New Passion.

Anyway, I wanted to let you that TV Land is looking for baby boomer couples who put their dreams on hold while taking care of everyone else. I'm sure some of you know how that is.

Contact Associate Producer Amber Mike at Phone: 646-747-7940 or email:

Maybe I'll be seeing YOU on TV!


Carine-what's cooking? said...

what do you think Bev? Kathy thought hubby and I should call Amber. We put our lives on hold and ran a pre-school and daycare from our home so we could be there for our own 2. Then between my RA and our youngest graduating, we started over. Hubby going back into sales. Me trying to work a day job and doing my best to write.
I don't think this is what Amber wanted though...

Bev Mahone said...


I say GO FOR IT! Sounds like you and hubby have a story to tell. How will you know what she's looking for if you don't submit your story???