Saturday, March 08, 2008

If Children Can Drink Wine, Why Can't a Baby Boomer Smoke Pot?

This story is courtesy of the Winston Salem Journal Newspaper:

If children can drink wine during Holy Communion, then Robert George Henry insists he should be able to smoke marijuana without being hassled by the cops.

Henry, a baby boomer from Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania, claims he is a rolling-paper-carrying member of the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, a denomination devoted to the use of marijuana as a sacrament.

His right to smoke marijuanja for spiritual enlightenment is therefore protected under the Constitution, the 47-year-old claims in a motion that will prompt a legal battle in Cumberland County Court.

Henry is asking a judge to dismiss drunken-driving and marijuana possession charges filed by state police on grounds that his drug use is a constitutionally protected religious practice. On Tuesday, the judge postponed the case until April 16.

Could it be he is just reminiscing about his days as a member of the Drugs, Sex and Rock-n-Roll generation?

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Mispoetic said...

Oh what I would give to be present in the courtroom on April 16th!
Hopefully, Henry will cop the roasting he so deserves!!
Now I have heard it all..a cannibas denomination?? haha Give me a break mate!
The joke is, it really ISN'T funny. To hide his habit beneath the covers of the church is absolutely disgusting!
I think poor Henry is too 'high' to realise what an absolute goose he really is!
Doubt the judge will be at all impressed and dear Henry could very well wind up in another demonination, known as the 'clink'!!
I'd love to follow this one Bev! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Stevens