Monday, December 08, 2008

Casey Wohl: The Girlfriends Getaway Expert

I connected with Casey Wohl, the author of the Girls Getaway Guide, ealier this year when I was planning a Baby Boomer Girlfriend's Spring Break in Florida. Although she's not quite a boomer babe, I was immediately impressed with Casey's "girls just wanna have fun" attitude and her book was most helpful in helping me make my arrangements.

When my good friend, Teresa Morrow, invited me to be a part of a blog tour for Casey to promote her new book, I didn't hesitate. What I appreciate about Casey is she does her homework by visiting the cities and then providing an honest assessment of what she discovers. My advice is don't plan a girlfriends trip without her book.

Please enjoy my interview with Casey on this leg of her blog tour:

When did you really start traveling?

Honestly, I have always been a traveling girl. Fortunately, my parents were great about exposing us to different parts of the country and have always encouraged us to travel as much as we can.

What made you decide to write a travel guide for girls/girlfriends?

During a very tough year both personally and professionally, I came to find a tremendous amount of solace in traveling with my girlfriends. I love the adventure of experiencing new cities. It is almost like a re-birth for me. I also love re-visiting cities, where you can re-visit old memories and create new ones at the same time. Before I traveled to new cities, I would always look for city-specific travel books geared towards fun-loving girls. I could not find any city guides that highlighted trendy hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping, entertainment, cultural attractions, bars, plus provided a calendar of events throughout the year and activities unique to that area.

What is the message you would like to share through your books?

The tagline for all the books in this series is “Leave Your Baggage at Home.” Everyone has “baggage.” For me, I went through a divorce and lost my job, so I carried a lot of personal baggage. For some people, just their daily routine alone can wear them down and weigh on them like baggage. No matter what type of “baggage” you carry in everyday life, a fun-filled girls getaway is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself and spend quality time with your family and friends.

Do you know what your next guide may be focused on?

The next city in the series is Nashville.

What other things are in store for you and your business in the upcoming year?

We have some amazing things coming up in 2009. Some are so new that I cannot even talk about them yet. But, be sure that 2009 has some wonderful things in store for women of all ages who love to travel. A few trips we already have scheduled are to Austin, TX; Napa Valley and Jackson, MS for the St Patricks Day Parade and the Sweet Potato Queens march through the city! For information about upcoming trips, promotions and other fun girl getaway stuff, visit and sign up for our monthly E-newsletter.

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