Thursday, January 29, 2009

Turn Up the Heat for Super Bowl Sunday

I don’t know about you but I am not going to sit at home alone while my husband decides he wants to be around "like-minded" individuals (who just happen to be all men) to watch the big game.

Actually, I won't be alone because my husband actually enjoys watching sports with me. Why? Because I've studied the games over the years---and being a cheerleader certainly helped. I can sit and intelligently discuss first downs and offside penalties and referee calls that should've or should not have been made. I've also learned how to make watching the game interesting in the romance department.

How can sports possibly be romantic especially if you hate it? Well, why not look at it this way. If you love your husband, why not take a sincere interest in his love for the game---whether it be football, basketball, tennis or WHATEVER! If it's something your husband really enjoys, wouldn't you rather learn about it, and share the common bond of sports than to have him watch it alone or always leave to watch it with his buddies? I prefer to be a baby boomer sports wife rather than a sports widow.

Before you start to panic, let me reassure you. You don't have to put on a parka and sit through an icy-cold and windy Chicago Bears game in December to show your husband your love. You can certainly sit warm and cozy on your living room couch together, to show him that he is special to you.

Here’s my tip for getting your husband prepared and in the mood for Super Bowl Sunday:

You can have your own pre-game show. The two of you can toss a football out in the yard. When he lets you tackle him, you can sneak in a kiss. Or why not be the quarterback and instead of hiking a 'real' ball, just pretend there's a ball there and turn it into a game of touch football. After an hour or so of fun, fantasy and sweat, you can go inside--take a shower--and relax while getting ready for the Big Game. And who cares if the neighbors are watching?

No matter what you plan, if you do it with excitement and enthusiasm, it'll be a treat for him. And, the next time you're watching an episode of Desperate Housewives, don't be surprised if you find your husband sitting next to you preparing to make some moves of his own.

What suggestions do you have for making a sporting event more fun?


Unknown said...

Great post! I found out years ago that I actually benefit the most by participating in watching sports with my hubby on TV. He is so delighted to have a companion that chooses to "care" about what he is interested in that he goes above and beyond to do the same for me. Works great!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the tips, Bev, if I had only read them BEFORE the Super Bowl! I was stuck between my husband and my son, and get LOUD when I'm watching a game, which drives them nuts. I think the best moment was (I'm not real sports savvy) I called the Steelers the "non-Cardinals" son almost had to leave the room on that one. Oh well, I had fun anyway..LOL