Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Boomer Celebrity Deaths in 2009

The media lost its most trusted journalist this year while the entertainment industry lost quite a few notable baby boomers and beyond. Did you know the majority of people on this list died from some form of cancer? The second leading cause was heart disease.

Here is the list of celebrity deaths from January 1, 2009 to today's date, December 27.


88-year-old Actor Ricardo Montalban Fantasy Island

69-year-old Bob May--played Mr. Smith on Lost in Space


70-year-old Soap Opera Actor Clint Ritchie--played Clint Buchanan on One Life to Live

Soap Opera Actor Phil Carey--played Asa Buchanan on One Life to Life

87-year-old Actor James Whitmore


45-year-old Actress Natasha Richardson

61-year-old Singer Dan Seals--"I Really Want to See You Tonight"


86-year-old Actress Bea Arthur-- Golden Girls


56-year-old Former Porn Star Marilyn Chambers

75-year-old Comedian Dom Deluise


62-year-old Actress Farrah Fawcett

50-year-old Singer Michael Jackson

72-year-old Actor David Caradine

50-year-old Informercial Pitchman Billy May


92-YEAR-OLD Newsman Walter Cronkite


61-year-old Black SuperModel Naomi Sims


57-year-old Actor Patrick Swayze

73-year-old comedian Henry Gibson--from Laugh In


83-year-old Comedian Soupy Sales


69-year-old Actor Dennis Cole

79-year-old Actor Edward Woodward--played The Equalizer


63-year-old Actress Alaina Reed Hall--from Sesame Street and "227"

79-year-old Actress Connie Hines--played Carol Post on "Mr. Ed"

90-year-old Actor Gene Barry--from Burke's Law

If I missed anyone, please feel free to add.


Debra Stokes said...

Thanks for the tribute, Bev. Do you suppose Bob May and Billy May were related? I heard nothing of the death of Naomi Sims. She was a trailblazer. Many gifted people have given their talent to the world. All will be missed.

Beverly said...

I was also shocked to learn of the death of Naomi Sims. She didn't get a lot of media coverage when she died of breast cancer.

Vannie said...

I spent many hours trying to remember the name of the television program "The Equalizer", the only thing I could remember was, he placed ads in the newspapers. I am sorry to hear of Edward Woodward's passing.